questionsneed a good mp3 player for tha cheap…


sansa clip+ refurb ($24 w/ free ship):

best little player around in my opinion. it's 4gb and has an expansion slot. it's also rockboxable (

also available brand new for $35 w/ free ship (today only) - if you don't mind red:


@carl669's got it right. That's pretty much the best you're gonna do for cheap. I remember the days when woot had a warehouse full of Sansa's.


@eraten: thanks!! I was hoping to loosen the woots bowels full of sansas


Remember, tho sansa's are worth more than they cost.
Anything cheapa than a sansa is crappa.
Anything as cheap is terrible.
I do have a half dozen not sansa players. Good for the car, so I'm not worried if anything happens to them. Like this Polaroid.
The sansa players just work.


I love the Sansas. I've given away several as gifts, and I still have two of the 8GB models myself.

They also do a very nice job recording meetings, etc., although the recordings are only in mono in a somewhat obscure format (easily playable with Windows Media Player).

The monly minor drawback is the internal non-replaceable battery. That will come to the end of its useful life some day. If you want a player you can use for 20 years, this might be an issue.

If I needed another player today, Sansa would be my first choice, hands down.


If anyone puts anything besides Sansa...they are WRONG!


Sansa FTW. I keep hoping that the little guy will win. If for no other reason I someday hope Tim Cook will walk into his office one day, look at the sales figures for PMPs (portable media players), stop, look up and scream:


It would be cool, but never gonna happen.


What's the name of the elder Stark girl in Game of Thrones?
You know.
The one betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon?
Can't quite put a finger on it....
get that one.

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@crowbite: I gave a shiny blue one to my best friend as part of a birthday gift and he has never used it. I've been looking for a good opportunity to trade him something for it. The last time woot had them even though they were boring black I bought three and put two into use and socked one away for a rainy day.


Everyone seems to love the sansa's so you're probably safer going with that, but I wanted to throw out the Transcend MP330 as another option.

I own the transcend mp320 not the 330, but I really like it. Very simple to use, just drag and drop your music, good sound quality and I really love the built in usb port so I can charge it almost anywhere and use it as a flashdrive as well.

I don't use it much anymore because I just use my android phone now, but I still think it is a solid player.

Also not sure what your budget is, but you might want to consider looking for a deal on a cheap android phone. There are a number of phones that can be had without a contract or phone service for under 100 bucks. That will give you not only a solid mp3 player but a device that can also do lots of other stuff besides music as well.


@carl669: Yes, San Disk Clip+ is the best way to go!