questionshave you ever helped fund a project on…


No, but xkcd has a great comic about kickstarter today. I didn't realize anyone still used kickstarter.

As for the pebble does this remind anyone else of Dick Tracy?


I've funded quite a few. Rewards have been a loooooooong time coming so if you're looking for a quick turnaround you'd best look elsewhere.



One thing that irks me a bit about Kickstarter is how some people treat "backing" as if it were "buying". It's not a retail shop. Backers are backing a project - it's an investment! This project I backed has got ripped on for taking longer than expected. People want the incentive, but don't realize they didn't purchase the incentive! They gave money to "kick start" the project and when the project gets going they will get a little something for their support.

sigh sorry for the rant...
I should have just answered Yes and posted the link...
It's Monday though and a little grumpiness is allowed :)


Just helped fund a documentary/movie "Easier Said Than Done" about the U.S. rally scene. It's the only thing I've funded so far.


Just funded a play to produce a CD in honor of the author that recently passed away.

I think it's funny that someone said "I didn't know people still used kickstarter.." considering it's much more popular now than it ever has been in the past.


yes, with kickstarter and Indiegogo


I've only used it to help projects by people I know, mostly friends' bands which need a bit of help getting their first CD made. I've been happy with the results so far.
I've been tempted to help out with a couple of different board/card games but haven't taken the plunge yet.


yup one of the people that did the double fine adventure kickstarter here


I've kickstarted multiple albums from independent musicians that I listen to. It's really cool to get updates as they work on a record.


Yep. Just funded Diana Sprinkle's Mystery Pets art book a little over a week ago. I have six of her designs here from shirt.woot too.

Why? Well, why not? A cat harfing up rainbow colored kittens is funny!


I've had some mixed results with kickstarter. After a couple 'burns' I've limited my criteria to either/a mix of:

- people I know personally
- proven track records (usually smaller music artists)
- things that are over cap or almost funded ahead of target (shows good marketing and promotion)
- local people

Safe bets are usually music artists that are offering digital downloads as a 'perk'.

That said, eyeing a few gadget type things at present. The Pebble looks neat for those into those sort of things!


As of this morning I've backed... :checks: ... 60 projects on Kickstarter. I'd guess that about 12 of those didn't get fully funded. Maybe about 2 dozen of those are still in progress/just finished? So that leaves 24 and I think I'd be safe to say that I got something from 22 of those 24.

Now, are all of those amazing things that I ended up with? No. Some of them are just nice little chapbooks of someone's poetry, or a little sticker for a project I liked the idea of, but didn't need a big reward. On the other hand, I backed a project that ended up sending me the camera strap I use on my camera 100% of the time now.

It's a LITTLE hit/miss, but it's a LOT LESS MISS if you go in with very low expectations and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.


@jordan711: On the same note as your "it's not buying, it's backing": The "Pebble" project actually made me slightly angry because the people making it have previously made smart watches (for blackberries I believe). So their project was less of a "we REALLY need money to get this idea off the ground a prove that it'll work" than a "we don't want to front the money to do this and then have to deal with selling, so let's use kickstarter as a preorder system".

That sort of thing leave a slightly sour taste in my mouth.


Yep...I've funded Kammok (got 2 of those and nice bottles), and the new Pebble watch which will end up being a birthday present for my wife :)


I've done several here. One was a sort of niche subject book (which I've since received and am quite happy with) and more recently a second book from the same author (still in the funding process).

Beyond that I've also gone in on several videogame kickstarters (that's where it really seems to be booming now, after the Double Fine one went so big). None of those has come to fruition yet and it's always possible that some might never finish, but for me it's worth it to chip in early to get games that I want made, rather than just games that publishers think will be successful.


yeah I have got like 7 going right now. Last funded was the Wasteland one. Heck that even made main page on deals.woot.

no personal projects. Don't really have an idea or a good graphic designer to make me some art.


Absolutely! I've mostly been Kickstarting indie boardgame projects, some of which have already delivered their finished games. It's pretty exciting to visit some of the local game shops and see those games, knowing that I helped make them happen, owned them before the general public, and (usually) my name is in the rulebook somewhere!

I also funded a project to make chocolate dice, and those arrived this past weekend. Yum.


Holopaw was making a new record and asked for help funding it After downloading all their albums (or buying them used from a record store) and never getting the chance to see them live, I figured it was time to help them out in a big way so I gave them $50 to record their album. It's due out in a few months and I can't wait.

Edit: Also if it weren't for free download I probably would have never discovered these guys and never would have got the chance to support them. So much for piracy hurting artists I suppose.


@kidincredible: Sounds like they should have gone on Shark Tank instead of Kickstarter...


I intended to fund the Leisure Suit Larry remake through there, but I didn't get in on time. Nonetheless, they far exceeded their fundraising goal so it is in development even without my assistance. I'll just have to wait for it to come out now...


Yes! I have backed 15 Kickstarter projects, of which 14 were successfully funded.

Of the successful 14, I backed ten at reward levels, and thus far have received six of the rewards in full and have been very happy with all but one of the results (which may simply have been a matter of miscommunication). Two that I have yet to receive are films in production, and the other two are being released incrementally in digital form (Double Fine Adventure and Video Game High School) and have already started to deliver finished parts.

The other four successful projects I backed at nominal rates, usually the minimal $1.00 contribution, simply because I liked the idea, no perks attached. I've stopped doing that though, due to the zero ROI. Now I just "star" them to follow their progress.


I've only done the Double Fine Adventure, and so far the documentary bits they've released and the art/programming updates on their forums have made it well worth the cost.

I'm only likely to participate in a project if I'm familiar with the past work of the people looking for funding and it's a high enough quality that I don't feel I'm taking any risk. Tim Schafer doesn't disappoint.


I backed a magazine publication last year through kickstarter. For music I usually go through though.


I haven't yet: I was thinking about the Pebble, but decided to wait until it actually made it to a real product.

I'm very nervous about this, especially as the number and profile of Kickstarter projects has increased. As the XKCD comic implies, there are more people with less of an idea how this is going to work out.

One thing to keep in mind with Kickstarter. You aren't "investing". There is no real chance of a return. You aren't "buying": the product may or may not ever exist, and even if it does there is no guarantee it will be what they say it will be, or what you think it will be.

You are giving somebody money. Flat out. They are under no legal obligation to ever give you anything back. I predict that Kickstarter will last only until a project gathers a large amount of money (>10^6 bucks) and then the principals just disappear with donations.


Gideon, that project is open again.. I THINK that's what you meant.

Check that page again, it ends in a few days.

Oh nevermind.. only the $1 is open lol


@jordan711: A lot of them seem that way since they are using the product to get you to pledge more. Whether it is a CD or a board game, they are all using kickstarter to build their pre-orders so they can generate the buzz.


Yes. Though only for projects were I get something in return.


I haven't yet, but mostly because I don't like to buy things (especially gadgets) without seeing some sort of review.

Also don't like the idea of waiting for an undisclosed amount of time for the development of something (I.E. video games). Though... certainly the quality would be better than what we are probably used to seeing with most video games nowadays shipping with bugs and glitches galore or features that will be added down the road.


I just did it for the first time recently!

I contributed to this indie movie project. I know someone involved and they offered some fun movie-related materials based on contribution level!