questionsanyone having issues with sirius xm?


I have a feeling they bumped all of our accounts down to a 7 day trial. It was supposed to be a Chevy promo so I'm not surprised.


I had a couple of times that Hair Nation didn't work in my car, but it's OK now.


It actually depends on which service you have. I have both and I can tell you that Sirius is much better and treats their customers with more respect than XM.

My original car purchase was a 2011 Durango and I received a year of full Premier Sirius Radio. I never had an issue and I continued to subscribe. I recently purchased another vehicle which had a XM radio installed. I quickly noticed there were huge quality issues with the signal, the service, and the amount of complaints online.

The first red flag was that my trial was 3 months. WTF, I got a year with my Dodge. Second was that when I created an account I had to make a separate account because you cannot have a Sirius radio and an XM radio on the same account. WTF? When I called after they cancelled my premier on my XM radio a week after having the car I said , I thought you guys merged? They replied "We did, but different radios require different accounts.

Still, with XM I get the worst reception... it's terrible.


Yeah mine isn't working either. You think they'd have sent us an e-mail telling us why they're cancelling us. I mean how do they know whether I have a legitimate one-year trial or not?


I just got around to calling about why mine was canceled. I signed up back on September 28th. It worked great for a couple weeks and then when I tried to sign in the message said me free trial had been canceled. I finally called them today and they had no record of my subscription at all. So I got bumped up the line to someone who was hard to understand. He informed me that I had been the victim of a hacked code. I am a little concerned that Woot would put their reputation on the line like this. I didn't know woot was into hacking.