questionsare you good at posting deals?


I say just keep on trying. :)


I'm alright. I've gotten a good idea of what Woot likes. If I post something that I'm personally excited about, it tends to get ignored. If I see something that's a decent deal and decide to share, there's a better chance it'll take off. But it's all good


Timing sometimes plays a big role in your deal being successful. You see it all the time one day it may go front page same deal another day only a few votes.


@eeekdageek: One aspect of timing that affects deals is the time of day you post something. I think most folks only check the Fresh Deals page in the morning, so if you post something late in the day it might no longer be on the first page or two of Fresh Deals when the crowd comes by to vote.

As far as how I am at posting deals, I think that the quality of HOW I post them has improved as I've learned more. I'm better at remember to include shipping cost, comparing the price to Amazon, posting review links, etc. Regardless, as others have noted, some deals I'm really excited about fall flat with others, and some I think are just toss aways take off. I know to avoid posting anything from Crocs or any travel deals as the group automatically downvotes these. As for the the rest, well, I win some and lose some.


No am not good.
Me too (I post a great deal and it just dies)! A printer I just posted is a fantastic value but only has 4 upvotes and one down.

It will die.

I thought the thing was so good a deal I am thinking I may get it. I could replace my scanner and put my B&W printer on my network. Print from my android devices, and make a copy a 1 step processes. There are refill kits for it. I would need to figure the cost per page before I pull the trigger.


It's hit or miss for me, but I just post what I feel is a "good deal."


If you want better success try to stick with posting Firefly/Serenity deals.


@samstag: Yeah, that's another thing. There are days where I think I fit into this community well, but then there are days where I think "WTF?" I couldn't be more opposite of everyone else on here. I dig MST3K, but some of the other stuff.....odd.


I looked at some of your deals - don't worry about what you think might or might not happen, just keep posting. You've had several homeruns this last week.


Even Charlie Brown managed to kick that football at least once. Keep trying (she wrote as she realized she hadn't posted a deal of her own in weeks).


@samstag: That's usually a safe bet, but I posted a $10 Firefly t-shirt yesterday here and even though shipping was only $2.75 it died on the vine with only 7 upvotes and 2 downvotes. Doctor Who and Star Wars deals usually do well, too, but even if the price is right they sometimes sink into oblivion.

It's only moderately predictable, and, as we discussed here last week, the downvoting seems to be at an all time high.


I don't post many deals, and I'm only so-so at getting up-votes. About half of mine get 15 or more votes, which is my personal marker for "was it worth posting?" Some did spectacularly well; others, not so much. A few have been dismal flops.

Don't let the failures discourage you; focus instead on the fact that you've posted some really great deals!