questionsis it possible to find the original tron for less…


Seriously? I just saw it on a "buy two, get a third free" table at the grocery store. I didn't get it because the price on almost everything was $9.99, and I thought that was still too much. Some things are better in one's memory, and I prefer to remember it in my mind's eye, and not to revisit what was hokey graphics even at the time.

I don't know where you're looking for it, but I'm pretty sure that it's still in plenty of bargain bins.

[Edit] Funny. I just checked on Amazon, and it's going for crazy money, you are right on that. Maybe I should go back to the grocery store and buy a bunch of them. Or not...


The DVDs seem to be a huge collectors item with a limited release so your best price is going to come used but even those can bring a surprising large sum. The new ones for about $50 on ebay all seem to be imports if you don't mind that.

I can't believe that Disney doesn't cash in on reproductions with the new movie being released.


I couldn't. Disney carefully times releases of their movies -- that is, not all movies are available all the time. My guess is they'll release it as a package with the new TRON at some point.

Luckily my ex had the old one on DVD so I was able to watch it.


Original Tron Remastered for Blu-ray (no release date set yet) 11/5/2010

The 8th Blockbuster from my house has 1 in stock for rent, next one is 28th store. No longer in stock at Netflix. I wouldn't be surprised if people are keeping them.


Too bad I won't drive in the snow (we had a recent snowfall). I now want to go to the store and buy all the copies I saw. I could send them out as an act of kindness.