questionsis it a chat question to ask if the ice has woot…


Did I just hear a call for popcorn? I'll go make some right now. Maybe we could even build a nice fire in the fireplace, and watch Rome burn...

I admit it took a bit to parse the question you'd asked. I kept reading the word "ice" as a euphimism for a curse word (we won't say which one). Reading the actual contents of the questoin made me realize that I was doing it wrong.

Butter on the popcorn? A little salt? Gosh, I can almost smell it from here.


@josefresno: You give me too much geek-cred...

@jamesbondqbranch: Hold the butter, but a little of that woot-off seasoned salt sounds good. Thanks!


@eremita: Naw, sweetie! You're hanging at Deals! Everyone knows it has to be BACON salt!!
(@shrdlu: please don't send the minions after me.)


It's funny. Most Texans I know are tough and damn proud of it. They work hard and play hard and they even cook hard. 106 degrees for 10 days straight? A minor inconvenience. Tornadoes? Just a good excuse to hang out in the root cellar for a few hours catching up with the kids. Chili hot enough to melt my lips, tongue, soft palate, and the majority of my sinuses and optic nerves? A light zesty snack.

But if it gets cold, and I mean REALLY cold, like water actually FREEZES on the GROUND cold, they lose their minds. I was talking to a guy in Dallas today who made it sound like the world had ended, as I looked out the window at the latest 6 inches of snow I need to shovel on top of the 10 foot snowbank that lines my driveway. Like God had personally taken upon himself to ruin this guy's day by making it "dang cold".

Of course, I'm discovering just how wimpy my fellow New Englanders are becoming - I went to the dentist today (yes, I went out in the snow in a CAR) ............


and he was amazed that people started calling yesterday to cancel appointments for tomorrow in anticipation of the snow.


I think it should be a chat question, especially since they haven't answered the question and this thread provides no information for the deals community. But I think that because I'm still bitter about the molestation of posted questions that has been the result of adding the "Chat" category.

It also disturbs me when staff posts comments without answering the question (and in this case the stated surface level question and the implied question within the question).

Also, kudos to you @eremita for not getting brushed aside to chat. Here's to hoping you make it to the popular tab.


@eremita: Before this goes too much further, let me explain a simple fact that most others here know, and that you may not.

Shrdlu == JamesBondQBranch == TheFlounder.

Now you know. Oh, and I am so not responsible for that dastardly @qbranch.

[Edit] Those other accounts are tolerated because I'm honest about it, they can't vote, and because I have to spread the insanity around.


@durkzilla: It's not that we go crazy, it's just that we don't have the equipment to deal with it. It happens maybe once or at most, twice a year. It's senseless to invest in a lot of equipment that will just sit there and not be used.

Plus, we get ice. Slippery ice. Rarely with any snow on top to add traction. Just ice. The main roads do pretty well during the day with treatment and tire friction only to freeze again overnight. The side streets? Forget it. They have to rely on Mother Nature.

My school district, usually very conservative about canceling, has already issued a cancellation for tomorrow.


@durkzilla: I am a wimp. I freak when it won't be above freezing until Friday and the driveway, alley, and street are covered in ice. The sand trucks don't come near the side streets -- heck, they are having problems getting the major roads done. I hate the heat but don't want to be stuck at home due to ice.

At home there are stacks of papers I should sort and file; a junk room (yes room, not just a drawer - but that, too) that needs to be vetted and a kitchen that could do with a deep down cleaning. All I want to do (and have done) is read, watch some of the programs I have saved (is one of them actually dated last November?!), and waste time on the web. At least I can delay the Bible study lesson a few days -- class has been canceled. Yes, I am a wimp - a guilt-filled wimp.

Is all the bacon salt popcorn gone?


@shrdlu: OK... it is quite a steep learning curve, isn't it.

WHO HAS THE POPCORN??? I am iced in! I need comfort food! wait-- wait-- oohmmmm, oohmmmm, [deep breath] OK, better now... Please pass the popcorn, thank you very much.


@thunderthighs and @eremita: Driving in and/or simply dealing with an ice covered landscape is difficult for anyone, that's really not my critique on Texans (although I do loves seeing the CNN footage in Atlanta when it snows there, reminds me of the old smash-up derby at the Brockton Fair).

It's the uncharacteristic loss of composure that it's COLD outside. You may as well have just seen the sun rise in the west or watched a flying cow flapping its way toward Amarillo - complete and total disbelief in nature's frigid wrath.


@durkzilla: It's simple, really...




@thepenrod: We do appreciate the community (and the OP) for posting reports like this.


I just talked to Darling Daughter, who is most grateful for four wheel drive (she has it). She also said it was TEN degrees. I told her that tomorrow, she needed to apply for a refund on the weather. It's really unacceptable for Dallas.

Nothing is forever. Not even winter.


@shrdlu: Fires tranquilizer dart from my Omega in your general direction. Go to sleep now...I'll erase your memory tomorrow.


Am I the only one who sees snowstorms as an opportunity to pretend that it's Rally Sweden?


What is this "snow" you speak of? Clear skies and 70 degrees outside my window...hehe


@gluonconcerto: We're not talking snow, we are talking ICE! So there! ::: sticks out tongue - but politely :::


@napalmriot: I'm with you. My little front wheel drive has almost no trouble at all with the 10-16 inches of snow that just fell, so I look at the city more as my personal playground. The biggest problem is that they made my e-brake a pedal and not as a handle, so it takes a bit more work to get the back end to swing around in a corner. Despite that I still manage to have a good time.


thought with woot being based in texas maybe we were talking about Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. I always knew there was a reason they were offering such good deals. Que Pasa Woot?


@jagg3d3d93: As a Latino and a Texan I approve of this message


It's currently 18 here. There is no snow and there is a beautifully smooth layer of ice over most everything. If it was snow it would be no problem, but with just ice... it's just safer to stay home (even though I am at work... for the 3rd day in a row)


Oh, "here" being Carrollton, TX


@shrdlu: It's important to remember though that Texas is only the weather aggregator. It does not create the weather. She would need to communicate with the particular higher nature or entity that created the weather.


When you said ICE I thought you meant Immigration and Customs Enforcement (


Nope, ice "as in Eskimos and igloos and penguins and ICE?". And now 4 inches of snow on top of all of that!


Who cares about the weather... just sick of woot and their slow shipping. It may be taking 20 days to receive my order because of the "ice"... which is absolutely ridiculous in itself... but it would normally take 12-15 days normally to get your order. I think I may be done with woot until they can clean up their shipping act. I work for an online retailer, and customers don't take this crap.


@jms8757: This is your first comment on Deals and (including the other woot sites) 4th comment total. All negative. Where is the sunshine?