questionsmovies: worth the 10-15 bucks in the theater?


I hate going to the movies. There always seems to be someone talking, people texting, etc. I amazed at how inconsiderate people are. So generally I prefer to wait for a movie to come out on DVD, which usually isn't that long of a wait.

There are a few exceptions: I love to take my granddaughter to the movies, and because they are children's movies I expect the noise (they are little kids, oh's and ah's are expected as well as lots of questions). And occasionally there is a movie that seems to be a must see on the big screen, like The Avengers.


I don't make it to the theater very often, but I think there's no comparison between the home and theater experience. It might depend on your home equipment and ambiance, but even the audience reactions add to the enjoyment. When I do go, I try to make it a time there won't be as many kids if it's a movie rated for children.


I like the theater experience, provided it's actually the theater experience and not a lot of inconsiderate people talking, texting, etc. The first time I saw The Avengers the family next to me had a young elementary school kid (who wasn't horribly behaved but was a little noisy at times). The guy actually answered a phone call during the movie and texted a couple of times. My seat got kicked by someone behind me (had to have been an adult...or a kid who was out of his seat). I was not happy about that.

Because of those types of things I prefer to go to matinees, ideally on Fridays when I'm off work. There are generally fewer people in the theaters and those who are there are better behaved...or at least spread out far enough that they don't disturb me. Unfortunately that does make it harder to go see movies with friends, as most of them don't have the same type of schedule I do.


Not a fan of going to the movies. We have a "second run" theater near me that runs $3.00 per person. I can stomach that price to see a movie. I would even pay $6.00, but with the price (in my area) of movies running anywhere from $10.00-$21.00, I'd rather just watch at home.


Depends on the movie. For many, I'm fine with waiting for the DVD/Blu-ray to be released.
If I miss something that was said, I can quickly rewind, pause, etc.---and go to the bathroom without missing anything, lol.

For others, I much prefer the "theater experience," however. I think you all know why some movies are just better on a huge theater screen. I agree with the audience reactions, too. Somehow, I just don't think classics such as Rocky and Star Wars would have had quite the same impact if not "shared" with a packed theater. Seems to intensify the emotions. E.g., the recent Star Trek movie: it was just awesome when the little things that tied into the original tv series suddenly dawned on us all at the same time....the small spontaneous burst of applause at the simultaneous realization of, "OMG---that's McCOY!!!" when they first met. And the surprise appearance of Leonard Nimoy. Sharing moments like that with strangers...but kindred spirits...adds to my enjoyment.


@tarasadies: All you really have to do stop someone talking is lean in to your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/partner and calmly but somewhat loudly say that if the person behind/beside you doesn't stop talking that you'll stab them with a pen in the neck. Works all the time for me.

I like the movies as it gives me a chance to see a friend who lives about 40 minutes away in a place that's about halfway between where the two of us live. We do it about once a month where we'll go see a movie, get a bite afterwards and catch up on everything. This month I somehow got her to agree to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, so I can't wait until the 22nd.


But I agree that audiences can ruin it, too. I saw The Hunger Games mult times---some with "good" audiences; some bad. And recently, when I saw The Avengers, I was seated next to the female half of a couple, & it was clear she had "lost" the choice of what movie to see. He was trying to "interest" her in it by telling her what was ABOUT to happen, which is even more annoying than telling someone something they'd missed. Ex: When Loki came on screen, "See--that's Thor's brother, who...." when NOT 3 MINUTES LATER, the movie explained that very thing. Really??? You think your gf/wife is SO dumb that she wouldn't be able to get that on her own?

Mostly, I go to a theater that has an "over 21 only" section where there are no kids to get bored, run around, cry, etc. (I still can't get over how many toddlers and 5-10 year olds were taken to see THG. Sheesh...get a babysitter, already!) Plus, they serve "real" drinks and food. But it's easy to take in your own, too.


AMC Theatres allow you to bring your own food in, and all regular showings starting before 7:00 were only $5/ticket last time I was there. I went at least once a week before I moved back to Iowa. Now I go maybe twice a year because the local theatres are more expensive and crappier.


I only go to the theater to see movies "early" (before the home release). Thus, I don't make the trip unless I'm really excited about a film.

Many theaters are poorly run these days and I have encountered a number of problems. These range from small things like too loud/too quiet audio and slight tears in the screen to large issues such as leaving the 3D filter on for 2D showings and dirt/smudges on the projection glass.

My home experience exceeds that of most theater showings I've attended. I don't have a ridiculous set-up, either, as all my equipment only cost around $4k - $5k total. I much prefer to purchase a film on Blu-ray, own it forever, and watch it under better conditions.


The Cinemark theater near us is $6 regular and $4 matinee. They've been that price for probably 8 years and it brings them tons of business. They make most of their money off concessions. It's a newer theater, stadium seating, couple large screen theaters, etc.

As to concessions, I love movie popcorn (no butter, pls). I save the sacks when I go to the movies. Then when I go to a movie, I buy the largest popcorn that has the free refill. I ask them to tear off the refill tag and give me it to me now in my sack. We two popcorns for the price of one. They rarely balk and if they do, I just stand there and pour the popcorn into my sack and ask for the refill. I give them "the stare" the entire time.

My son drinks only water so we've been known to put a bottle or two in the pockets of his cargo pants. Same with M&Ms.


The last time I was in a movie theater was about 6 years ago. Won't pay the exorbitant admission price, and movies out lately aren't worth watching. With few exceptions. If there is something I really want to see, I'll wait until it comes out on DVD and get it from Netflix. There are more interesting things to do than sitting in a movie theater.


This is one of the few things I love about living in a small town. My sister and I went to the theater to see Avengers yesterday. The tickets were $6 and we were the only people in the theater!

No talking, no phones ringing, no snot-nosed kid kicking the back of my seat. It was heavenly..


I have to agree...the online option is more appealing right now. With netflix (I know some people don't like it...but it works for us with the no DVD option because we don't have cable tv) we can have two different movies going at the same time on a computer HDMI to TV and on a bluray or xbox. Thats enought for me.


The first movie I saw in the Theaters all year was the Avengers. So that gives you an idea for what I hold out for. I remember a theater around here not to long ago used to do $2 Tuesdays. Yup, any movie was $2 on Tuesday all day. That was only 10-15 years ago. That would NEVER happen these days. I'm sure the next movie I'm going to see will be Dark Knight Rises and that will be it for the year. I'm sorry to the movie industry but $12 for a ticket plus all of the other money that they want me to spend on snacks/drinks isn't worth it, especially since I can wait a month or two and get CLOSE to the same experience right in my living room.


I love going to the movies...but generally I shoot for matinees. Also, our local theater has started $5 Tuesdays for all their movies, so we often head over after work. Battleship still wasn't worth that, though.


Eh I don't like going at current prices because if I'm paying $20 or more for two people to see the movie I might as well just buy one on DVD then own it "forever" Though I do admit I go when someone I know asks me or when something particular interesting comes out aka Avengers and such. Or for a date night.


The only time I go to the theatre these days is on Tuesdays when my local second chance theatre has movies for $1. Most movies these days are only worth half what the price charges, and since most 'popular' movies (such as The Avengers. Thats right. I havent seen it and wont for a long time, if ever) fall flat of my lofty expectations after all my friends orgasm over them and claim GREATEST MOVIE EVAR!

That or my friend works at a theatre and seems to get like 50 passes a week.


@thunderthighs: That sounds like the six flags mall theater. I don't go out for movies much but when I do that deal is about impossible to beat.


@thunderthighs: wait, theres more room to sneak stuff in your sons cargo pants than in your purse?


@samstag: Grapevine.

@wootfast: Believe it or not, yes. Plus, it's his stuff.


Steven Wright got kicked out of a movie theater for bringing in his own food. He probably would have gotten away with it, but when he fired up his BBQ grill, that was a bit too much!


The last movie I saw in a theater was...Raiders of the Lost Ark, I believe. I don't go much. :)


My most memorable time was sitting in a movie theater in Germany in the late 60's. Saw "Cat Ballou" in German! And you could purchase beer there!


For me, the trick is to find a theatre that offers matinee discount pricing on weekends. Some do, some don't. Go to a Saturday afternoon show, around 4:00 or 5:00, for $6 or $7, and I feel like I got my money's worth. The theatres usually aren't packed at that time, and it beats paying $12 or so for that evening show.


This is LA, Kalifornia.
If it's a new movie they like you to line up outside after you buy your ticket.
There's one kid running the movies, there's maybe five diff movies, and when it's out of focus you gotta wait twenty minutes for him to come back.
If you goto the mall, a lot of movies are just babysitters for the parents doing something else.
Some beeyatch is trying to record the movie on her phone.
Three or four others are explaining the movie on theirs.
Most of the time the call is to their GFs in other movies.
The tickets are $15 and up, the food costs are outrageous.
We went to a two hour movie, and watched maybe twenty minutes of commercials. After the "showtime" was announced
(ten minutes late) there was another half hour of commercials.
That's three hours. Some punk kid with a hat didn't want to allow me back in after a bathroom break.
We're done.


I just can't justify paying that much for a movie - it's ridiculous. We sometimes go to the "cheap theater" and that's ok, but I'm happier just staying home and watching stuff on blu-ray. It's more intimate, probably a better sound system than many theaters (plus not having people yacking, crunching on food, cell phones ringing), getting the bad seat behind the guy with the huge 'fro, people kicking you in the back, or what-not...


I've never been a big movie theater goer (for dates, I generally prefer things that promote conversation or at least allow it without pissing other people off). I will go to the theather for movies that really need the big screen, though I think the last I went to was Avatar.

About the only times I go to the theater now is with my gf on Sunday (or occasionally Saturday) mornings for the showings that start before noon and only cost $6. After the movie we get lunch and then have desert.

I did see Transformers 3 (in 3D) with a bunch of people from work and even sprung for some Junior Mints. Didn't get any desert though.


I have a 65" tv and Bose surround sound at my house and I still love to see movies in the theater. I especially love to see "event" movies while they are still an event. I love the excitement and anticipation of the crowd and the shared laughs and gasps during the movie. Phones and chatterboxes rarely appear and are usually promptly shushed. I work a 4/10 schedule with Fridays off, and my retired friend and I (sometimes accompanied by other friends) go to a matinee around 2pm every Friday. Matinee price is $6.25 or $6.50 depending on the theater. At Christmas, our favorite theater, Premiere, offered refillable plastic 44oz soda and +/-60oz popcorn tubs for $5 each, for the rest of the year is costs $2.50 each to refill them. So a movie to Premiere with popcorn and soda comes to $11.25 each. Cinemark offered a refillable 44oz plastic soda cup for $6, and refills are $3, so a movie and a soda there cost $9.50.


Here's an example of shushing:

At the Avengers marathon, during the Thor movie, when Chris Hemsworth came out of the shower shirtless, there was a collective sigh of appreciation from the female members of the audience. Some smart Alec in the back yelled, "It's all CGI, ladies" and got a hearty laugh from everyone. Some other guy in his group took it as an invitation to make loud pejorative comments about the movie, and after the second time he said something, the fifty or so people in the seats around him, including his buddies, said some version of "shush" and that was the end of his commentary.