questionsdid you make a resolution for the new year? what…


Only fair I go first.

I decided it was time to drop some of the weight I've been slowly accumulating over the years, so I have resolved to drop 25 lbs.

Things are actually going pretty good for me. I've lost almost 5 lbs already and haven't had the urge to give up.

(A big thanks to fellow wooter brandie346 for selling me her Fitbit. My wife and I both have one and the competitive nature of it is keeping us both honest and on track.)


Get back on my exercise regimen after being lazy over holidays (basically thanksgiving til new year's). Happy to say I'm doing it and have quickly lost 6 pounds.


My resolution is to run a 5k. Which may not sound like much but I had a total ankle fusion in December 2010 and have a ton of hardware with bone grafts in my ankle. So far I am doing great and have kept it up thus far.