questionswhy is everything isomething (even if it isn't…


My best guesses are Information or Internet, but those usually don't make sense for the product. It is really annoying.


iI idon't imind iit iso imuch, ibut iI ican isee ihow iit icould ibe iannoying.


I think it has developed into a moniker for 'trendy' or 'techy'. So whenever a consumer notices an 'i' product they may have an inclination that the product has some sort of underlying value and therefore has more worth. I like pickles.


I think it stands for "internet"

iBooks, iToaster


The potential for the i is endless...
I tend to think most of it means idiot.


@bluescreenofwin: So if you said you liked iPickles, that would be trendy and it would catch on with techy people? Honestly though, I think you are right. Somehow the i got tagged as a "hey pay attention to me; I'm trendy!" statement


I actually tend to stay away from non-apple "i"applications or hardware because I think people choose it to be trendy and make money off apple's name.

I am not anti-apple. I actually have an iPad and an iPod classic and use some of their "i" apps. I just think that other companies naming their devices/programs like that is really gimmicky.


It's all about iRecruiting more iPeople into the iCult.


@chrosan: Unfortunately it probably would. Wootizens and many others understand that it is a silly marketing scheme. Unfortunately we are still the minority and the general public are more often convinced by this advertising. But look at me stating obvious generalities. You guys all know this :-)


Remeber for a l'il bit there everything was eThis and eThat?

I think "i-" killed "e-" what's next? We'll "c"


@phillystyle: You are correct sir. I was sick of eEverything. iAnything = I do not care. We did get a chuckle out of the iPad being white when it first came out.

Are you sure it is not going to be U, Wii <-doulbe i now the Wii U


We should just boycott the letter entrely


@phillystyle: Let's start the next iteration.
I say it should be "f" (use your imagination)

j5 j5

@phillystyle: Why do you think Internet Explorer started going by IE -- They couldn't make up their minds so they decided they'd hit both groups.


@j5: I don't want to hear anything about your fPad, thanks.


@caffeine_dude: at least 'e' made sense... like with the term 'e-mail'. No one is ever going to say "hold on let me go check my electronic mail real quick."

Supposedly the 'i' is supposed to stand for 'internet' because all of their products are capable of using the internet, although I can't figure out how to connect my iHome to the web.

What it really stands for is iSpentALotOfMoneyOnThis


I suppose it stands for "intelligent" now.

j5 j5

i just wish i could find an iASUS folio with bluetooth keypad for what I am seeing iPad folios selling for. Or accessories for my phone. It's tiresome seeing a deal that looks good but it's just another iThing.


as annoyed as i am with ithings, i'm still more upset with 'extreme' or 'xtreme'.

i suppose if there's ever an "ixtreme!", i'm gonna have to launch all the nukes.


This is right up there with people adding "for iPhone" onto the name of whatever they are selling, even though it is universal, like a standard 3.5mm stereo cord.

Reason it happens: Marketers. They are as dumb as the people they influence.