questionshow does one know, that one was number one?


Frequent checking when you get close, that's about the only way I know.


I know I was...for a few day. Don't remember when though but at least 5 years ago.


Purely luck. And if you ARE ever that lucky, be a nerd like the rest of us and do a screen shot for posterity.


@mtm2: It wasn't five years ago. Deals went into beta around late September, or early October, in 2009. The leaderboard, in its current manifestation, wasn't around until perhaps spring 2010. I was usually the one on the top for months, until I figured out how to push others there. @hobbit was on the top for further months. For a very long time, it was one of @catbertthegreat|@lavikinga|@hobbit|@shrdlu.

Wonder if Hobbit still has notifications on? The Catbert account was abandoned long ago. {::waves:: at @LaVikinga}

I do remember you making it to the top, though. I think it's been about two years, maybe more. The lack of activity (especially apparent in Deals) makes it a real crap shoot as to who moves up. When someone can make an account, and have a black triangle a few days later, you know the whole thing is skewed.

Can you tell I need more coffee? I do. ;-}


You obsess too much over something that doesn't matter at all.

(+1 responses to questions, yay I'm rounding out my deals rating deficiencies!)


Before it gets downvoted to oblivion, what he said ^

Reputation lost its point once jumbowoot coupons disappeared. Now it just measures how mean you're allowed to be to white triangles.