questionsa leet deal on an xbox elite


One thing to consider is to get a great deal on an Xbox arcade like this one:

And then buy a hard drive separately. You don't have to open up anything or void any warranties to plug in the hard drives - they're made to slide into a slot at the end of the console so they can be swapped out by any user.

This is just a sample of a deal you might find on a hard drive (I don't have time to really go looking right now, but start with google)

If you wait to get the $50 Dell Gift Card from the offer above, you could get this Xbox 360 60 GB Live Starter Pack*, which goes for $99 at Dell, for only $50 after you use your card.

That would be $230 for a 60GB 360.

*Includes 60 GB Hard Drive, 3 month subscription to Xbox LIVE, Ethernet Cable, and Wired Headset (like what comes with the Elite)


@donfmorrison: great find.

Like I said, @rjsets, if you shop around you can get a cheap Arcade and build your own "Elite" for less money than Microsoft charges for an Elite.


NOTE: The deal posted by @donfmorrison is only available in Canada.


It's not exactly on sale but heres one at walmart thats $299.99 with a 50$ giftcard and I feel that a walmart giftcard is more valuable? Not the right word but I can't think of it right now.. than a dell one. Eh basicly you can use it on more crap like food stuffs or what not. Subtotal: 250$

Or heres an arcade for 199.99 with a 25$ card Subtotal: 175$

The arcade might not be a great deal but the elite based on the price that was posted earlier for building a 60 gig its a good deal for only 20$


@dravack: Does "versatile" work for what you were trying to say? I'd buy that.


@anotherhiggins: hmm yes it does.. sorry I had just woken up when I typed that it all and my brain was half asleep still. Thanks!


@dravack: I understand.
I'm now about 4 Jamesons and 1 Guinness into the night, so I really understand.



@anotherhiggins: cheers! drink one for me! I'm not allowed anymore =( Not that I miss it much but it's nice to have one every now and then.