questionswould anyone like to join me...


Cleaned up my whopping four deals that I've posted since my last clean up. I helped!


I also went through a couple Wootbot pages....that's a job that will need a few people.

EDIT: I'll get pages 10-20 done over the next couple days, if we want to start dividing sections to take.


@thedogma: I finished 1saleaday. Not done tattling yet!!

Thanks for the help!


expired a few of my expired/way too old deals


I think I just found a new online time sink; I already found a good handful of expired deals in just a few minutes going through items. Strangely fun.


i was doing way more than 10 a day. more than 10 pages a day on average. trying to clean up the 2010 deals (yes most are dead). then i get this email from jumbo saying that i tattled one that was still live. ok. whatever. then i offer to slow down tattling to help give them a chance to catch up. to which i was told "we already dealt with those". so i went back and checked. on the first page of 15 deals there were 11 deals that i included in my response email. to which jay johnson then responded with "well, they are still active tho the price has since dropped, so they should probably be reposted" at which point i point out that they would technically be a dup but his response was no, because the price is different. at this point i decided that it wasn't worth the fight and i washed my hands of deals and tattling completely.
i had already went thru the entirety of 2009, and jan, feb, march, and april of 2010. (yes, took months). they lost me.


@moosezilla: So sorry to hear what happened to you. You did a great service and ended up getting shot down. Do understand your dismay. :-(

Personally, I think they want to keep dead deals open. When you mouse over the "Community Sourced Deals" at the top of the page it says:

"328,946 deals (and counting) from around the web, shared and ranked from a community of deal fiends like you"

That statement tells me they're looking for high numbers and don't care if they're valid deals or not. Perhaps to them it's a numbers game - the more the better to help entice sponsored deals. Or 'clicks'. Maybe what they don't 'get' is potential customers/fiends who click on various deals, find so many of them invalid and decide not to come back to search or buy. Not worth the frustration.


I'll see if I can get to a few :)

Old deals never die, they just fade from the popular page.


@okham: They die...Silver Bullets? Head Removal? Wooden Stake? Tattle-Tipped Arrow?
SOMETHING has to work!!!


You know, if people would just expire their own deals this wouldn't be an issue. I don't add very many deals; but when I do I'm sure to expire them when they're no longer valid. I also try go through once a week and do a search for "today only deals" within that week and tattle on them. I think every bit helps.


@morriea: I believe you must assault them with an anti-deal, like throwing the HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER catalog at them...


I did about 10 yesterday....I'm exhausted! ;)