questionsdoes anyone really eat the crap from papa john's?


I actually like Papa John's, and we typically order it whenever we're staying in a Hotel. I especially love the garlic/butter dipping sauce....yum!! I've never had any stomach problems with their pizza, but I suppose it's a risk we take when we order out for food.

It's not my favorite pizza, but it fills a need when the family needs to eat at Midnight. We have a mini-picnic and fight over who gets most of the dipping sauces.


The crap I eat comes from a variety of places including Papa Johns.


I've eaten food from restaurants, had food poisoning from it and I never touch the stuff again. I know, logically, that it's not all the food from that entire place, but my mind and body just won't act in conjunction to override it. I don't crave that food, ever. So, I know where you're coming from, generally.

I enjoy Papa John's close to once every 2-3 months, the key word being enjoy. This generally aligns with their killer deals, most of which are posted here on DW.

Visits to the doctor don't prevent you from getting sick. People catch colds and fevers all the time. What's more important is if Papa Johns has corporate policies that give paid sick/vacation days. If they get sick pay, they have no reason to come in and risk infecting others.

Personally, I think every modern state has a moral obligation to protect its people from foreign and domestic threats. Ironically, the biggest domestic threat to this nation is obesity--brought to you courtesy of Papa Johns.


I don't mind Papa John's. They are reasonably priced, I can order online, and they have always been friendly when they deliver. Although the pizza isn't "great" pizza, it's certainly not crap and is better than most other chains (in my opinion). Pizza can be a tricky thing. I lived in New Haven, which has amazing pizza. Some people like Chicago style pizza, which I can't stand. To each their own.

You start by saying "politics aside" then you bring politics into your comment. I think your comment is 100% politics, and not about his food.


I'm eating leftover papa john's for breakfast right now!


Papa John's food is no worse than most other places. It's a cheap and sometimes tasty filler.


In my opinion, Papa John's is one of the two worst tasting pizzas of the major national chains (the other being Little Caesars). Papa John's does have pretty good cheesestix, but their pizza, to me, is pretty gross.


Papa Johns is my favorite of the major pizza chains, but I think it must depend on the location- there are two fairly close to my house- one in Tuscaloosa and one on 9th ave in Bessemer. The Bessemer location does a great job- A few others in the Tuscaloosa are are average to a little above average. But I have heard a lot of people complain like the original poster to this thread. I have even had friends from Tuscaloosa come to my house and mention the Papa Johns Pizza I had was better than usual, and I get to tell them it came from the Bessemer location. It makes that big of a difference that people mention it without me giving them a heads-up. I usually order a pizza with all the veggies and one meat, usually chicken or sausage. Maybe it is the hamburger or peperoni or canadian bacon that some people are having problems with.


@jsimsace: Haha! My favorite chain pizza places would have to be Papa Johns and Little Caesers, aside from my childhood love of Papa Gino's!

Haven't had Papa John's in forever since they closed down in my town, but as I recall they were better than the only other two chain pizza places around, Dominoes and Pizza Hut. Now those two place are gross! :o