questionsdid you remember to donate if you can to this…


Done. Good luck you guys!


@klozitshoper: Thanks SO much for the thoughtful reminder! Bald men can be very sexy - Sean Connery is a good example. ;-)

And what a wonderful cause - Thanks woot guys! Keep us posted w/photos, okay? Hoping @snapster is in for the bald-look.

Quietly walking away while innocently whistling....


@niloc225: Thank you. I wanted to get it online prior to a guest arriving. As I commented in the original post, however, my focus is in seeing the money come in, not bald developers (but that would be fun)

I appreciate your help - anyone who has read many of my posts realizes I am technically challenged!


@gmwhit: Other good examples of men with little or no hair:

Sir Patrick Stewart
Yul Brynner
Bruce Willis
Terry O'Quinn
Michael Jordan
Vin Diesel

It is a good cause and I was really hoping to see them reach their goal.


done. Now let's see some naked heads :)


Had to donate after seeing the HOUSE shirt