questionsis deals.woot screwed up again?


Just for some people, apparently. I just checked with a couple of browsers (chrome, firefox, IE), and I don't see it. Doesn't mean it isn't happened, only that I can't replicate it.

@shawnmiller: Something that you already know about, or is this new?


Okay, add in Firefox on Ubuntu. Seems to be only some people are affected, rather than linked to any OS/Browser.


I wasn't able to post a question from mid-day Monday till late this evening, although I could post comments on both deals and questions. (I don't know if I could post deals or not, as I didn't try.)

Even after I managed to post one question, I was unable to edit it or to post a subsequent question.

I tried to post using both Firefox and IE with identical frustration.


Welcome to the last dwindling remnant of the woot that we once knew. It's only a matter of time now......


I couldn't tattle on comments, but questions and deals were fine.


Usually I use firefox in ubuntu.
It's fast and safe. No that trouble bother me.