questionshas anyone seen a good retail deal for skyfall on…


Nope, but I'm planning on finally seeing it for the first time in a theater this week (for $1.50 a person).


@ki4rxm: I don't have any second run theatres in my area, although the last time I was in one I had such a disappointing experience that I'm not sure I was happy with my purchase. From what I've heard from people who saw this movie in the theatre I think it will be $20 reasonably well spent to buy it to watch at home.


$20 is the only deal I can find on it. Just found out that the U.K Amazon ore-orders where region free Steelbooks for the same price. Kicking myself for missing that. I love Steelbooks.

Movie is amazing. I remember leaving the theater and saying "I want to go sit and watch that again."


@wickedd365: I've heard really good reviews of it. To me, it will be Daniel Craig's chance to demonstrate whether or not he is a good Bond; he seemed like more of an action hero in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace was a direct sequel about revenge so neither really had what I see to be the critical elements of Bond.

I posted the bestbuy price for it here, hoping that perhaps by the time I'm ready to go out and buy it someone else will post a better / more interesting retail deal.