questionswhat type of earphones or plugs for a tv do i…


It would be helpful if you'd list the brand and model number of the TV. However, there should be a jack on the side for the headphone and if not there may be audio out connectors on the back. I have wireless headphones that I like well. They are over-the-ear style meaning they cover the entire ear as opposed to on-ear. If the user is going to be sitting across the room from the TV, wireless would be the way to go.

The MDR-RF985RK would be a solid bet in my opinion and you can get a new-open box for $50 or less on eBay. Make sure to pay attention though as some ads are for the headphone only and have no transmitter. These headphones are rechargeable which is the only way to go!

If the TV has built-in Bluetooth support, then that would be a good option if the users isn't going to be more than about 25 feet from the TV.

Hope this info helps you out.