questionswhy no boc during this past woot-off?


Because they just sold them last week in celebration of their back to school event. They were available through Facebook and Twitter links.


because Woot thinks it's more important to have Facebook "friends" and Twitter followers than it is to have people on their website during the Woot-off.

At least, that's my interpretation.


Because I was engaged and vigilant this wootoff, patiently waiting.
Because this was my time to shine.
Because this was going to be my first BOC and probably my last.
So much for my BOC karma.{throws hands in the air}


@capguncowboy: Why not? They're probably tired of getting flooded every time the BOC pops up. I guess they figure they'll let facebook or twitter handle the traffic.


@capguncowboy: I'm in complete agreement with you there. I'm getting a little disheartened that my dedication to being involved in, furiously watching, getting little to no sleep, and purchasing during the woot off doesn't at least deserve a chance at the BOC like it used to.

But alass...the woot off contains so much great crap, though not in bag form, that keeps me coming back. It's a vicious cycle!


It's the past 2 Woot Offs. And, it's because we are worth less than those who follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Those who are on the site every day don't get a chance once a month anymore. Instead, random schmoes who happen to hit "Like" or "Follow" get multiple chances.

Between no BoC's and what seemed like a high average price of items this time around, not much of a fun Woot Off. And, I generally enjoy them.


@kmeltzer: We are insufficiently prodigal. (That story has always annoyed me.)


Because not enough of you sacrificed tomatoes to The Flying Spaghetti Monster.