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I've never heard of using a sound bar with surround speakers. It seems like you would get some weird mixes of sounds. Maybe not and maybe it is a great idea. Are you sure it is a sound bar and not just a center channel speaker.

Either way, above or below the TV is ideal. The center channel is designed for dialog and other sound that should sound like it is coming directly from the screen and the focal point of what you are watching. Personally, I think it is better to have it below for most setups (especially if your TV sits high or is very large). I have a 65" TV that sits up high with the center channel above (I have no way of putting it below) and sometimes the sound seems slightly off when compared to the action or dialog on the TV.

EDIT: I should clarify that I think most A/V experts (I am not one) would recommend the center channel speaker to be about the same level as your head when sitting down.


@wnyx585am: "Are you sure it is a sound bar and not just a center channel speaker." No - No I'm not. Looks the same, and never read directions, so just figured it was the same thing. Center Channel DOES make more sense...

I have a 32" (hoping to upgrade soon-ish to at least 37-40) and, with my entertainment center, the base of the TV sits slightly above eye level. Since it is enclosed, there is a "top" to my center where I could put the center speaker, but that would be about 6' off the ground - not sure if that's TOO high. Currently have other electronics on the shelf below the TV (gaming consoles), but again, wondering if that would be TOO low (3' max above ground level).

Guess that's good enough to get me to try above. Thanks!

(My center looks similar enough to to give idea).


@joeradose: From what you describe, I doubt you will notice much difference in sound quality either way. Personally, I would choose below if you have the room.


Dolby says it can be above or below the TV; whichever is closer to ear-level while in the seated/viewing position.

Edit: Looking at your type of entertainment center, I can see how it might be tricky to make it fit. Hopefully the new TV has a tall enough base that it will allow you to sit the speaker in front of the TV without obstructing the view or the TV's remote control IR input. If you're not too picky and you have no other option, you could probably put it on top of the whole center and angle it down a bit. The idea of the center channel is to make it seem like the sound is coming directly from the screen. Some movie theaters actually have the center channel behind the screen and the sound waves pass through it.