questionsam i behaving unethically?


If you log into their account, make sure and gift them a Rick Astley song.


I think you have notified Apple, and I might email them again telling them if they don't take care of the matter, you will change the password to protect their customer. Then change it, so that that person will know.

Once your name is associated with an account - email addy - it is horrid to try to get it straightened out. I had an instance all last summer where I notified Craigslist multiple times that they were forwarding me responses that were not for ME. They did not respond for the longest time, but I never contacted the person for whom it was meant due to the type of ad they had placed and the graphic responses.


You'd think they'd notice it - since you have to type in (or at least read) your apple ID (email address) every time you sign in...


what if you logged in and found your phone number? then something clicked in your brain that you sorta kinda remember something about this account.

...and that's how you find out you have multiple personality disorder.
durkzilla = Dr Jekyll
other guy with bad taste in music = Mr Hyde


@klozitshoper: sounds like a bad prank rather than a mistake


@w00tgurl I was thinking Edward Norton/Brad Pit situation.

@prosperouscheat good thought. I could only imagine the teasing from my freinds if I had an itunes account.

@durkzilla when you sign up for iTunes account don't you have to confirm your email address?


To answer your question, I don't think you have behaved unethically up to now. You could still be tempted to, though. If Apple continues to not fix this, I would attempt to delete the account. I think that would be the safest option. I'm not sure that you can even do that, though.


@caffeine_dude: I do own some Ikea furniture....

And yes, you do have to confirm your email account, which apparently doesn't mean a whole lot.

I'm thinking of trying the suggestion made by @thepenrod to try and delete the account, but that would require I actually access the account, which I see as being more incorrect than simply changing the password, but far less incorrect than raiding their account or buying stuff on their account credit.


@w00tgurl: hey!!! I don't have bad taste in music....


@imtheotherguy: get back in durkzilla's body you doppelganger!

i think you should email apple again, and call, and post in their forums with lots of exclamation points and all caps. that should get their attention.
i get that you don't want to do anything bad with this account info you have, but that situation would get annoying for me. i'd go "mad customer" crazy on them


@prosperouscheat: actually, it wasn't. I went onto that category on the craiglist site. The ad that I saw of course did not have my email address but the replies I did receive were pretty specific to the ad placed. It was an education due to my never would have believed there were that many people out there who would sincerely reply or be interested. Gosh, though, that would be a prank to play on someone wouldn't it?


@durkzilla: Acessing the account could (but doubtfully would) open a can of worms for you that you might find difficult to handle, as you could be blamed for other actions taken. I don't think I would do that without giving Apple every opportunity.


@durkzilla: You might be able to delete the account by contacting customer service. Of course, you won't have the name on the account, or other information that they would need to access it.


@thepenrod: if he can change the password at will, perhaps customer service can assist him. They are smarter then most customer service?
When on the phone offer to purchase something to prove you have the account(as long as they credit it back), and point out any reasonable person would not go to such lengths to help a fellow human perhaps you should get a isomething if you are into the cult stuff.

@durkzilla: what are you going to do with your vigilante army? Can I join?

Now I am no longer afraid of insomnia... as long as the army goes with it!


@caffeine_dude @klozitshoper @thepenrod @w00tgurl: Thanks for the good advice to everyone, I'm going to give the iTunes support folks another chance to fix this with the stern warning that if they fail to do so that I intend to wreak havoc. And I'll ask them to give me a cookie.

As for the vigilante army, I probably should have invoked you all this afternoon when the wootbot went rogue, but I was busy doing that silly work thing :-(


@durkzilla: i hope by cookie you mean a gift card. delish


Here's the mail I sent to iTunes support today:
Hi iTunes Store Support folks,

Apparently this person still hasn't caught on to the fact that they have created an iTunes account with an email address that they do not own. I have received another "successful password reset" email from "". The person must be using the verification by security questions method, because they are certainly not getting the emails.



[part II]

Fortunately for me, I use a different email address for my iTunes account, so this isn't causing me too much pain, except for having to send you these emails occasionally, but I really would appreciate it if you would take care of this somehow. I could access this user's iTunes Store account any time I like by using the email verification password reset method (yes, I was able to do a reset of the password, no I haven't logged in to the account).

Can you disable this account once and for all, or somehow prevent the self-service password resets so they have to contact you to figure out why they can't use their iTunes account?

Please let me know how you intend to resolve this.

I'll post their response.


@durkzilla: that's an awfully sweet email. i hope you used the reply function and kept reusing whatever helpdesk ticket ID they sent you before. otherwise the anonymous souls at the overseas IT farms will scratch their heads and send off some canned response thanking you for something and assuring you they'll fix whatever it is you told them.


@w00tgurl: I did reply to the previous case email, I removed everything but the new content in the interest of protecting the innocent :-)


@caffeine_dude: They replied this morning with pretty much the same response I got last time:
I understand you are concerned that you are receiving iTunes Store email receipts intended for someone else again. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused to you from our side regarding this issue and apologize for the same.

When I checked the iTunes Store account of that email address the account was already disabled and that customer may be trying to reset the password.

The other customer will not be able to purchase from his iTunes Store account. Once the customer contacts then we can able to help with this issue.

Thank you for contacting the iTunes Store. Have a great day!


It's too bad iTunes isn't using a cloud like Amazon. If they were, you could send files warning your bizarro self of impending crises.


@murph929: well, they might be. but since Amazon is a competitor in a way, they'd have to use something else. proprietary i guess. can't use MS, Google, Amazon clouds. those guys could peek in and see all their business


@murph929: I was actually considering logging in to the account and changing something like the address field to something that would clue the person in to the fact that they had used the wrong email address.

iTunes support is being somewhat stupid about this issue, I keep getting follow up emails from them asking me if my problem with the iTunes store is resolved. I respond to them that they need to tell me whether or not they've contacted the end user and changed their account information. They reply that I won't get any more receipts. A day or two later I get another follow up email asking if my problem with the iTunes store is resolved...

And I still haven't gotten any cookies.

I'm crossing my fingers that they've fixed it this time. If I get another "password successfully reset" email then I have resolved that I'm taking over the account.


@durkzilla: NO COOKIES!?!??! hehe
yeah, i'd be annoyed at them. do what you have to do, you tried the right way.


@durkzilla: Change the address to a place known for hackers like Russia, that will wake up the isupport and iuser, i hope. ;)


@durkzilla: I forgot about this... do you have a status update?


@caffeine_dude: Well, I haven't gotten any more invoices or password reset notices, so I'm presuming that Apple has finally taken care of it.