questionswhat did you think of the dark knight rises?


I enjoyed it. It had it's flaws, but overall a good movie experience and a good end to the trilogy.


As a reader who's been reading all 52 issues of the New 52 for the past 10 months. I absolutely loved it. I've been living and breathing Batman comics, seeing Batman in motion fills me with such joy.

If you're interested in reading comics now after watching TDKR. I recommend the following comics from DC COICS New 52 to pick up:

BATMAN (by Scott Snyder)
Animal Man
Frankenstein AGENT OF SHADE

"So that's what that feels like."


Just so you know, I'm seeing it Sunday so if we can keep the spoilers to a real minimum, I for one would be grateful. :)

Knowing the internet, I'll know the whole plot by the end of the day.


I went to the marathon, and I was extremely disappointed in the finale. It was rife with story problems, I wasn't impressed at all by the villain, and it finished with a ridiculous time distortion. I suspect it might not have been as disappointing if I hadn't just finished watching the first two films, which IMO had much better scripts and far more interesting and impressive villains.


@inkycatz: I resisted including any spoilers, but if you don't want them you maybe shouldn't be reading DK threads. :)


Yeah, @inkycatz. Don't do your job. We'll be good. See? we've been good for, uh, 4 minutes.


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Tea time. (I really am sorry)


@katblue: Honestly, it's mostly tongue in cheek. While I'd prefer not to have my movie going experience spoiled, I also know it's part of the job because it has happened lots of times before.

Some of us can't really hit movies at midnight til the weekend, just because we have to get up early. Seems the trend is to put the midnight releases earlier and earlier in the week these days.



@inkycatz: Actually, Rachel Dawes kills him. She uses the resurrection pools to come back and take her vengeance for Harvey's death. :)

Oh, and for the other part of the question, no one will every top Adam West as Batman.


I'll let you know on Sunday so I can avoid the crowds.


Honestly, my favorite part was Anne Hathaway. The introduction to her character in the beginning of the movie was very slick. I was glad they didn't use any feline puns (CAT-astrophe, PURR-fect, etc.). She did say a couple of things that could have been construed as such, but they were so subtle, I don't know if they were intentional or just something I noticed because I was looking for it.

Similarly, the one-liners were better in this movie than the last, although I still don't see a need for comedy in these otherwise dark movies (save, the Joker or a Riddler villain).

I found Bane's voice to be funny at times. So much so, I looked up Tom Hardy on IMDb to see if he was from Ireland. The first few lines he had reminded me of the villain from the third Austin Powers movie. I was cracking myself up imagining Bane yelling, "I love GOLD!"

The plot twists were good and I liked the ending. Probably because I just watch Batman movies for fun, not because they're my religion.


Oh, and the subplots kill these movies for me. The scenes in The Dark Knight with the prisoners on the two boats with the detonators that explode the other boat was just a boring sidebar, for me. I understand the social commentary of that scene, but they spent too much time on it and it took away from the central story. I have the same gripe with The Dark Knight Rises. I felt my eyelids getting a little heavy during that part.


@katblue: Dear fellow tea drinker (I am enjoying some Mighty Leaf Chai as we speak), there is no need to apologize! You made a valid point that hadn't even occurred to me. I wasn't in the slightest way offended. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I spent most of yesterday in a soporific coma after spending 13 hours in the theater for the marathon and getting home at 4am.


@stormshadow999: I agree with you regarding Bane's voice. As soon as he started talking I kept thinking "Sean Connery by way of Darth Vader." It was hard not to laugh.