questionswhat have you bought already during this wootoff?


Two Blu Ray players

Two Kershaw Knives

Magellan GPS

Flash Card Bundle

Glow Sticks

All are Christmas gifts, except for the glow sticks. My granddaughter loves them, good to have around...


I also had 3 coupons and bought the bacon salt, Ginsu carving set and the Remington shaving set. It's the combination of the coupons and the all-day-$5.00-shipping that got me!

(I don't think I'm done yet...)


I have a Jumbowoot coupon burning a hole in my pocket, but I haven't seen anything yet that I've wanted to buy for myself or for others for Christmas.

I'm going to wait another hour before heading to sleep.


Is woot selling large numbers of some items, or are sales just really, really slow? Cause I'm seeing a lot of items that are just hanging around for hours on multiple woot sites.


I jumped on several items in the Sesame Street side sale for my son. I may get a Star Wars lunchbox for my daughter.


I have to confess: when I saw this question, my first thought was, "There's a woot-off going on?" Yeah... except for the uber-successful Pirate Crap, I haven't paid attention to woot-offs in months. :( [Or :) for my bank account, depending on your perspective!]


where do you get a jumbo coupon? i have bought something everyday for 4 weeks now!