questionsis there some way to view a product's specs and…


I'm able to find the specs for previous woots just fine. Here is a Desktop deal posted last month that I was able to find in the "community" section of the main page (I'm only using it as an example.)

If you click on a deal in the community section you will be directed to a page like this: Click on the big green text "HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop" (or whatever the product description is) next to the picture it should bring you to the original woot posting with specs and everything else. Hope this is what you were looking for! It can be replicated for all previous woots as well.


@eraten: THanks! I had been so focused on getting the specs from the blog I had forgotten about trying to reach the actual deal page from the Community post.

I was thinking that your method would work for standard day-long Woots (since they get a post on the Community site) but might not work for Woot-off items (which might not get Community posts).

But you're absolutely right, even the Woot-off items are there. You just need to hit and work your way down the list till you find the item you're looking for. Thanks again!


@bls1: I'm pretty sure that all woot-off items get a post in the Community forums (as you noted). The only exception that I've noticed is the one-hour lunch-time shirt sale: there used to be a community forum post on woot itself for the sale, but there hasn't been one for the last two woot-offs (today's and June's).

@eraten: One problem is that the price of an item is no longer listed after the initial offering. For items on woot, the price is often among the first community posts by wootalyzer, but that's not always true on the other sites. I noticed this for the first time during @cowboydann's scavenger hunt, but I've since been frustrated when I wanted to price-compare to a previous offering.


I don't remember seeing the price in the blog. I always check the community tab.