questionswhy are firearms questions not allowed?


Not sure exactly what you mean but here's a question from the other day.


I was just about to ask the same thing. For those of you who missed it, there was a light discussion going about 15 minutes ago regarding advice in purchasing firearms. There were no deals posted for firearms (that I saw anyway.) I know from last year's question that gun deals aren't allowed. So are gun questions included in that rule as well?

EDIT I just saw that @studerc mentioned that some links were posted within the question, that is probably why, allowing it to fall under the "no gun deals" category.


I feel that the focus of the last question (recently deleted) was actually on where to look for good deals and specs and information regarding proper maintenance and gun safety instead of actual gun deals. Pretty sure that there were only a couple of comments posted, none of which actually involved links to gun deals. They were instead more generalizations regarding gun purchases. Essentially I just gave up on the process of arguing and figuring things out regarding the mods. So inconsistent and annoying to say the least.


It's because they are almost as dangerous as Bucky Balls.


@eraten: Actually, I mentioned that there were only generalized comments, and that no links were provided.


@studerc: Whaaaa? Did you edit your response? I was almost certain you posted something else, or someone else did. I must've swallowed too many Bucky Balls today.


@eraten: Totally did not edit it, haha. But no worries, if the mods have there way with this question, it'll be deleted before noon anyway.


Good question! I know I've seen and participated in a number of discussions about guns in one form or another but perhaps it was all in the type of discussion? Hmmm...


@caffeine_dude: ?? big giant spoon???

This might kill the question but maybe @thunderthighs or @inkycatz could helpus. You two are kinda the go to Mod's in my mind.

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@philosopherott: I assume this was coming from the Pistol question I asked earlier and it was removed. I figured I would just let it go, but I was curious as well. The two Wootizens that were able to reply before it was tossed were a great help (@studerc & @eraten) so thanks for the replies. But I was looking forward to getting some additional information.


I know I saw a message from @Jumbowoot the Cockatrice overlord, maybe he would help us out. Again I am not trying to stir up trouble I just want to know what can and can't be discussed because I don't want to get banned over something that seems innocent to me (like that last question).

@coondogg97: I saw your post after I submitted mine. I had answers on your Question to and it all seemed ok to me. As a Texas based company I would think that kind of questioning is normal but you never know what I did not see

@caffeine_dude: there is no spoon...


@philosopherott: I guess I missed a few things as well. The only two replies I saw in my mailbox were from the Wootizens that I mentioned.

Thanks anyway for the reply!


Is it possible that because the word "deal" and the word "gun" were mentioned in the question, that meant you were trying to post a "gun deal"?

EDIT: It's really funny (weird) that there is an entire thread devoted to rancid bathroom antics (yuck.) that made it through, but anything firearm-related is taboo.


Questions about firearms are dangerous. I left this thread pulled up and my 5 year old almost died from a freak firearm incident.


Also odd in that Sport.woot has had things like scopes, etc. So clearly firearm accessories are acceptable.


OP @eraten @studerc @all:

This is something that's been going on for a quite awhile "behind the scenes.." you'd be surprised at how many times legitimate questions with no firearm links, or any other taboo material have been deleted because they are not to the taste of one particular person.

The short answer is: There are one or two mods that are anti-gun.. it really is just that simple.
With that said there are also mods that are just trying to play by the rules, and some firearm-related comments really do break the rules and are worthy of deletion.
(and just to clarify this isn't just a theory I put together myself lol)

And don't get me wrong, I love Woot mods but this is something that should be addressed..

Like you I'm not trying to stir up trouble which is why I've never posted this question myself - I'm actually kind of hesitant to post this comment lol


According to a post made @jumbowoot, who made this comment in a similar firearms thread recently: "There are other places to discuss firearms.." (and then that thread disappeared, much like the earlier one today)

While we realize this may be an unpopular stance with some folks, this happens to be the policy on this particular topic and hope you all understand.

I hope this clarifies the situation somewhat.


Moderation suggests highly sensitive topics like guns, religion and politics do not belong on an online shopping site's discussion. Do you want people Googling gun topics leading them over to deals.woot to chime in?

Don't blame it on someone's personal beliefs or opinions as a matter of enforcement. Why don't people have the ability to moderate themselves and understand that some topics just don't belong here. If you want to talk about it, start your own website


@ryanwb: shooooooooooot, you're crazy if you think that politics gets modded out of deals.woot


@75grandville: And that is the only reason I even posted the question here. I figured with all the scopes and holster's (one was posted this week) I have seen posted I figured a question would be fine and this would be the community that would have some good advice.

@drchops: Yeah, I wasn't really perturbed until I read this post. The gun question is what it is, but the rules should apply across the board. Having a couple of rogue mod's is not good and will do a lot more damage then good in the long run.

@all - Does that work?


@inkycatz: Thanks for clarifying. Again, I have no problem with that answer and absolutely respect it. As long as all the mods are on the same page and the rules don't change on a moderators vacation day I understand the rules.


@inkycatz: I understand the "there are other places to discuss [insert taboo topic here]" thing, but what if I wanted to know what @lotsofgoats, @capguncowboy, or @coondogg97 thinks of a particular [taboo] item or deal? I would already trust these opinions over some random person because of the interaction here. How would you even find out about a new [taboo topic] chat site if it can't even be mentioned? There are no PM options on the DW side, so PMing someone is kludgy at best.

@ryanwb: You don't think that DW draws people in just to talk about poop stories?


@lotsofgoats: I didn't say it is, I'm just saying that smart moderators know what are hot topic items and which are not. This is a deals website and their primary motivation is to get people to this site to buy something, not to discuss politics, guns, etc.... If they are not consistent in the enforcement of this, that's on them which spurs topics such as this to be posted


I don't have much of an opinion about this, but this is what I saw next to @jsimsace 's comment:

It made me laugh, so I thought I would share. Carry on.


@ryanwb: That may be the primary goal of the actual deals portion of DW, but look at the most recently asked questions for community:

Ever hit an animal with a car?
What is your alcoholic drink of choice?
Bathroom thread in question
Thread discussing Galaxy S3
Discussion about Zig Ziglar
Nabigate discussion
Batman question
Marriage question

So the community side is definitely NOT only about shopping/deal. The question then becomes about where is this line in the sand, especially when it gets kicked over and redrawn.


@drchops: and @philosopherott: are the spoons!
Am I the only one who stirs up trouble with a spoon?


@caffeine_dude: I prefer to use the puddin' stick to stir the puddin'.


@inkycatz: i don't mean to be a dolt but what "exactly" is the official policy?

I just want a clear line I am not trying to be a jerk.


It's all Bush's fault, and you're rascist if you disagree. :-P


Funny I just tried to post a deal on "adult toys" and got a message that the site in question was not allowed. Wine - yes. Kids' rifles that shoot plastic - yes - "real" guns - unsure - vibes - no?


Here's my go at it and it's by no means official....

If it's not allowed as a deal, it's not allowed as a question. So, since we don't allow deals for guns, rifles, ammo, etc., there are no questions about them. If you think about it, discussion about guns often leads to links to them and we don't want that on Deals.

The question mentioned above was for a cleaning kit. We do allow fire arm accessories, so that's a legitimate question.

At least, that's how I gauge them.

Like, hate, or indifferent... that's the way it is.


@rogertheriault: correct. unless you find a pg part of that site to land on that has a great deal on a "neck massager." While we have a bit more leeway over here - the fact is that the site tries to be kid-friendly - in the sense that, if your kid lands here looking for a sale on a game, s/he won't be inundated with adult content.


Like everything else here no one really knows what's allowed. Sometimes questions/deals slip by the mods for a while. Sometimes questions & deals are deleted, and the author never finds out why that happened. Questions relating to 'why' are often deleted, too.

If there was any semblence of consistency, we'd all have a better understanding of why certain things are deleted. Mods (thank you for your input) generally say (paraphrasing), I'm not sure, but... Therein lies the problem. No one is sure. Official rulings are sporadic.

And, people themselves must search for a specific quote. Or rely upon another member to provide a link that has, perhaps, a vague answer. Not a RULE, per se. Just an answer.

The UNOFFICIAL FAQs are a source of info. Unfortunately, they're still unofficial. After 6+ months.


@thunderthighs: You always rock the forums. Nice response. :)


@caffeine_dude: I would but a spoon can't exactly stir itself!

@thunderthighs: That makes sense to a certain extent, but on the back of that you have to remember over on Sports.Woot there are constantly deals for gun cases, shooting targets, gun cabinets, rifle optics, (and even guns themselves.. Air Guns, but guns nonetheless) etc.. so you can see why it's a little bit confusing :)

And again, I love you guys and completely respect whatever Woot's stance is whether I agree with it or not.. I just think a lot of people feel like they're getting mixed messages.

(And thanks for the response - I know you guys are kind of stuck in the middle just trying to do your jobs so it's appreciated when you stick your neck out to personally respond, you too @inkycatz)


@rogertheriault: Deals on sexually oriented items (toys, lube, etc.) have long been verboten here.


@drchops: I don't see any contradiction in your list and what's already been stated: deals for accessories and not-really-guns are okay, while deals (and questions) about real guns are not okay.

Unless I'm missing some vital point, of course.


@inkycatz: Technically, there are other places to discuss everything. So, not sure that's a reason to delete a discussion about firearms.

Either have a posted policy, or allow people to exercise their 1st amendment relating to things about their 2nd amendment.


@kmeltzer: After you buy Amazon, You will be free to enact posted policies at will. Until then you get to grovel at the capricious whim of Thunderthighs. so sorry


@videowallart: I wasn't aware Thunderthighs owned Amazon.

Moderating based on a whim is lazy. If you don't want people to post about certain topics, it's pretty easy to post that sort of things as a policy. When things disappear based on undocumented "whims" and subjective opinion, it's censorship, not moderation.


Since the Woot sites are all about money why not create a non-linkable, seperate 'gun.woot' site? Have the moderators staffed by people who want to discuss the legal purchase of guns and accesories? It's not like it's too hard.

Personal opinions's a legal to purchase material item. We're not talking 'weed.woot' or 'crack.woot' are we? Note: for our wooters in Washington you can now legally create a 'weed.woot' :)

If it's 'verbooten' then pull it all...not change day-by-day because of your individual idologies....just saying.

And if you do create a stand alone 'gun.woot' I think you would find there's a good percentage of us, especially in red states, that compete with, hunt with, or just enjoy target shooting. Which, again, is legal...


"Alcohol causes nearly 4 percent of deaths worldwide, more than AIDS, tuberculosis or violence, the World Health Organization warned on Friday." This is straight off Huffington Post (VERY liberal website).

So..Alcohol is ok...but the legal purchase of firearms is not? Yeah, that makes sense.

Link to article :


@jraxter: The idea of a guns.woot has been brought up at least twice by me, maybe more by others (see links below). As there are a few of us that would be interested it seems like there is a spoken majority against it (unfortunately).
I do not think that it is a fact of legally purchased item but more of liability on Woots part .
I do not like the policy but respect @thunderthighs for an answer, and for being a go to MOD here. Also want to thank @inkycatz for being another go to MOD