questionshelp! where do i find a jumbo learning remote?


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@caffeine_dude: looks like at least one mod has found the missing Woot sense of humor, love it! Hope it's a new trend :)


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Walgreen's sells them from time to time. I think they run about $10


The one pictured at the top was sold through Woot a few years ago. Are you looking for that particular remote?

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@cf: @capguncowboy:
I am looking for a learning jumbo remote. I will check Walgreens if you think they are learning remotes.
I am not seeing any jumbo remote.

<<< WARNING >>> Searching jumbo remote at Walgreens is not safe for work.


@cf: Sorry missed my edit window.
Yes it is the remote I got from woot.
No the remotes I got from woot are not learning, the Amino equipment did not work with the remote. I did not have any codes and, even with a scan.


Love that the tags were lameified. I'm starting to think this place is not fun and carefree anymore.


@zuiquan: No kidding! They do something cool and awesome and get us thinking maybe there's hope yet, and then WHAM!, back to the new reality. What a shame.


This is a very outdated remote that can learn and has buttons that can be adjusted for size on the touch LCD display. It is unknown if it works with windows vista/7/8 but since it is so old it might be possible to get it cheap.


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@mybestuser1: That would be perfect for my mom, not so much for grandma because I think she needs the raised numbers.


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