questionswhat's your favorite part about christmas morning…


Mine is sitting on the floor in my jammies, drinking spiked and overly sweetened coffee; and feeling the simple joy of being with people I love.
(Corny, I know, but it takes me back to childhood - well, the booze isn't from childhood, but the feeling of pure happy is.)

Followed closely by BREAKFAST.


My dad's insistence that everyone's morning coffee contain at least a full shot of brandy.

And ham.

And Brian Boitano.


The fact that my Ex-Wife isn't there.


@izzyizzo: I wonder, what would Brian Boitano do? On Christmas morning...

@vistaseas: You made me snort-laugh...


I load up all my favorite music...old standards from those old smoothies, Bing Crosby and Dean Martin, mormon tabernacle choir, andy williams...

I build a nice present for the birds, using lard as a base. I used to use suet, but that's very hard to find any more. Coat a stick with lard (please not vegetable shortening, that's not very good for birds), then cover it with seeds and dried fruit, and hang it from a high branch in a tree.

It's endless entertainment, especially since the squirrels go crazy trying to figure out how to get to it, and the lack of wings keeps them from getting to it.

The world is so peaceful, and beautiful, even though there won't be any snow on christmas day, this year. Actually, that's my morning now and then, anyway, no matter what the day is (except for the music).


@thumperchick: Absolutely completely serious. lol


@shrdlu: We used t do that with peanut butter on pine-cones, and decorate a tree with them. Thank you for reminding me! I have to start doing that again.


We always opened presents on Christmas Eve growing up. These days it sort of depends where we end up being for the holidays.


@vistaseas: I think the funniest part of that answer is the fact that it was probably sincerely your first thought lol

I've dated girls like that...never married any - luckily.


I love seeing the look on people's faces when they open up a gift that they had no idea they were getting but love it.


@izzyizzo: A shot of brandy in your coffee, I could understand...but ham??? Is this a new fancy coffee trend?


Christmas morning breakfast! My Mom always makes little Christmas trees out of triangular French Toast pieces and sausage as the trunk :)


My Mom's famous breakfast casseroles. One is a sausage and egg casserole and the other is a french toast casserole and both are delicious. Oh, and coffee with Sweet Italian Cream creamer in it.


Assembling everything my family got because they're completely incapable of doing so.

Watching people pretend to love the crappy things they've gotten is also very fun.


My flight home to see my family!

Well, this Christmas morning at least I'll be flying out. Schedule kind of sucked for me this year, but on the plus side, it's a LOT cheaper to fly on Christmas and hopefully less busy. I plan on spending some of the cost I saved on the flight by drinking it away on the plane.


Sitting around in my PJs enjoying my family as long as possible before I have to start cooking. An empty nest is just around the corner for us, so I have to store all of this up while I can!


The whole thing! Sitting around with my family, handing out the gifts, drinking coffee with a spoonful of cocoa mix in it, the floor slowly being covered with wrapping paper and ribbon. It's all fun!


Going out for Chinese food for dinner.


@mugford: I love assembling things. A flat pack box from Ikea and an alan wrench makes me happy. Or a box of Legos.

I like the excitement that the kids have for their presents. There's something about that gleeful anticipation.


I make waffles for breakfast on Christmas morning.

cf cf

1) My mom's butterhorns. Delicious frosted pastries that she only makes once a year.

2) My parents' (formerly my) adorably fat cat crawling around making tunnels in the wrapping paper and tissue paper strewn on the floor during gift opening.


I make homemade cinnamon rolls. The smell is absolutely divine!


Hanging out with family, Scotch Eggs, and Bloody Mary's.