questionsdo i need a custom picture frame?


I'm commenting blind here, but try Ikea. I got an odd size frame from there for a small comic that I had purchased. It was a lot smaller though, 3 x 7.

Or this: its a bit too wide, but its a hell of a lot cheaper than 200 smackers.


Yes you do. one of my friends' and his wife do this and they have to go to an arts and crafts store to get it framed. Michaels do custom framing.


Don't forget you can sign up on Michaels site and get printable coupons and they have coupons in the Sunday papers. It is usually 15% off or better.


There's a third path: metal frame kits (For example, see You buy two kits, one of the desired length and one of the desired width-- they are available in 1" increments. Each will have two metal rods and the necessary hardware to build a rectangular frame.

You'll still have to mount your photo on some stiff backing (foamcore or some matting cardboard). You may want to mat the photo to make it look nicer (or to fill the dimensions out to the whole inch). And you'll have to order a piece of glass of the correct dimensions.

Though I prefer a custom wooden frame, the metal kits are perfectly acceptable solution, especially if you have a smaller budget. And you can always get a custom frame later when you've made some $.


If you do mount it yourself, for heaven's sake use a level when you mount the matte. I just had lunch today where there were various local artist's works, and some of them were just slightly off kilter. It's very jarring, especially when you are looking at a painting that's half matte.

I use a local person, and they're very good. I don't have the faith in Michael's that's been expressed here. I wonder if Aaron Brothers is still around? They used to be okay. You might check around for a bit and see what the local folks use (photographers are especially picky).


@shrdlu: My parents suggested Aaron Brothers, too. Unfortunately, it seems to be a primarily CA chain - not where I am now. Their website is helpful, however.

@lavikinga: Looking at the link, will see what price they quote me.

@theoneill555: Solid idea to get a Michael's discount. If I can't find a better idea and that ends up being how I go, that will save me some serious dough.

@heymo: Cool idea, didn't know that was possible. Will look into it and see what the frame ends up looking like. And doubly good idea to possibly re-frame it later when I've got more cheddar. The first frame doesn't have to last forever, after all.


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Hi folks, haven't been too active recently as things have gotten busier for me, so hope all's well with you. I wanted to inconspicuously draw your attention to a deal I just posted on some Zen magnets here:

I have nothing to do with the Zen magnet people, but I'm a big fan of their product and actually "negotiated" this deal with them for us. I.e. I told them I liked their product and that if they put it on sale again, to let me know and I'd do my best to get it the attention it deserved. Amazingly, they went along with it and offered a nice little deal for us. So, if you agree with my sentiments or just want to do me a solid, please vote it up so that it goes popular and gets the attention [I think] it deserves. THANK YOU!


@gwintner: I have turned notification off, and so did not see this at the time you might have expected. However, I must strongly condemn this, and ask that you not do it again. It goes against the whole point of deals, which is that, if a deal deserves popularity, it will gain it, and if not, it won't. I am quite disappointed in you for having done this, and recommend that you silently consider whether this was ethical behavior of the highest order (which is what a person reading for the law should aspire to, in my opinion).

Please note the word "silently," which is a gentle request. This implies that you should forbear commenting here, and that you should quietly consider whether it was the right thing to do, without further involvement from those you'd already named above. An inadvertent comment by you of "you ought to see the cool thing I just posted" will from now on be suspect in my eyes. Like Caesar's wife, you must be above suspicion.


@shrdlu: My silent contemplation has led me to send you a personal message. Respond or don't, as you please, but I hope you contemplate it.


Read bits of it. Don't care. You were wrong. Please note that no one, except you and I, of course, had seen this comment. Most of those people you named did not vote for your deal, not even after the fact. The mere idea that you cannot contemplate that what you did was inappropriate does not surprise, but it does disappoint. Please note that I've already deleted your PM. I merely skimmed through it after the first few sentences, where I realized that you were not only not apologetic, but angry that I'd called you out on this.

Consider this. You knew what you were doing was not the right thing, or else you'd have posted it as a new question, on the Fresh tab, rather than as a comment over here, on a question that very few people even saw, or commented upon. I will respond to any other private messages you send me on this question. Really, I'm not in the mood for drama. Please just let this drop.


@shrdlu: I'll assume that when you said that you "will respond" to other PMs on this subject, you actually meant to say that you would not, so I won't send you another. Obviously, I feel discussions like this are better had in private, and I'm sorry you disagree.

Actually, I do recognize that there are reasons to think that what I did above wouldn't generally be a helpful practice for this site. My PM to you took no issue with your substantive point, but with the public, abrasive, and argumentatively cheap (for lack of a better way of putting it) way in which you made it. Refusing to listen to or read anything I say in response, even privately, only reinforces my point, and makes you no more correct.

I spent a small amount of time carefully writing that personal message and took care to make sure it was civil, so I'm sorry that you couldn't spare the time to read it merely because it didn't immediately conform to what you expected of it. Please let me know if you reconsider.


Please note that I didn't read it all not because of whatever it was that you said, but because one of us values my time. You made your point in the first paragraph. I skimmed through the rest. I'm just not going to read any book length missives.

It is what it is. So it goes.


@shrdlu: That's somewhat fair; my missive went longer than I intended. Nevertheless, it said more than one thing. To summarize:

1) I don't appreciate you lecturing me publicly and repeatedly, particularly when you request afterward that neither I nor anyone else should be allowed to respond. Debates and discussion I welcome. Public condemnation, with debate forbidden, I don't.

2) Lawyers also take ethics extremely seriously. Questioning mine, publicly, over something both petty and arguable didn't go over well with me.

If you care what I or anyone else thinks about your point above, I will be happy to share my thoughts on the matter with you. If you don't respect others enough to care what they think, then you shouldn't expect them to respect you enough to contemplate, silently or otherwise, anything you say.