questionsold woot coupon codes and new woot are not jiving…


@riknik: Trying to break stuff? That sounds cool! I'm good at that...any openings there?


I used a coupon just yesterday, and it worked fine. For what it's worth.


In Future Woot, there's a difference between discounts applied to the subtotal, and discounts applied to shipping. Sounds like your jumbowoot coupon was for $5 subtotal, while your subtotal was only $3.

If you see some other behavior, or if you're concerned with how it works for your specific order, please contact (as you already have) and they'll help you out. They're the professionals about this kind of stuff, I'm just the guy trying to break stuff.


@lumpthar: Weird, everything on our side looks correct and it should work for $5. No worries though, I went ahead and manually applied the coupon and refunded you $5.


@lumpthar: That's the thing to do. I'm sure they'll be able to sort it out.


@lichme: It was a pair of pairs of the $1.50 headphones from
$3 for the order, $5 for shipping
Coupon should be $5, but only worked for $3.
Left $3 for the headphones and $2 for shipping, for a total of $5.

Is there a minimum $5 order now?

I have emailed to see what's going on.


I had issues with my coupon codes, I emailed support , they sorted the whole thing out....

A special thanks to Woot support: Riley and Kelly.


What was the specific item you were trying to buy? I just tested with a $5 coupon on one of the tents and it looked like it applied. Maybe the value of your coupon was incorrectly added? If nothing else, you can place the order then email to have the coupon deducted properly, as I know several people ran into similar problems (although this is the first I have heard of the incorrect coupon amount being deducted)


the one time I tried to use a coupon linked to my account from the pre-site redesign days after the site redesign I had no problems. I purchased one of the weekly event shirts from shirt.woot (obviously)