questionshow do i order when i find the item i want?


Because this (deals.woot) is an aggregate site you click the link to the item you want, then the "I want one" button which will take you to the sellers site. From there follow the sellers check out process.

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Depends where you see the product that you want. If you see it on one of the woot sites (Woot!, Tech!, Sport!, Kids!, Shirt!, Wine!, Sellout!) just click on the I Want One button. If it's a side deal on one of those pages, you may need to click deeper and then click on a Buy Now button instead.

If you found a product listed on Deals.woot, these items are sold by third party companies that are usually not affiliated with Woot (some exceptions are Amazon and Moofi). You click on the link that describes the product and it should take you to a page where you can add comments about the deal. At the top of the page, there is a "I Want One" button. Click that and the
site that is offering the product.

Once at the 3rd party site, you will need to go through their checkout system. Each site is different so there's no global answer to what do do next. Generally speaking, most sites just need you to add it to the cart, then checkout.


just write down your user name and the name of the item you like, then fax it to the woot office.


You would normally click the link, go to the website and order the item. But, it looks like the item you want to buy is no longer in stock. So, your best bet is probably to google it and try to find it elsewhere.


I just ask my SO for a gift.....she always comes through.