questionsdid woot! run out of small boxes?


It sounds like the armadillo got out.


I got what looked like an Amazon box, sans logos just today.

Based on the tracking, I don't think mine came directly from Woot HQ, because it's journey started in Washington and worked its way down to California.

Perhaps you had something similar happen?


I heard a rumor that the union requires X number of bags of Texas air per box....but it's strictly hearsay.


maybe it was "fulfilled by amazon" ?


I got the same thing for a hoodie although I wouldn't call the box huge. I figured that it wouldn't fit in the usual bags so they went with a box that could hold one, two, or three hoodies. Bulk discount buying that way.


@theant: yea i've been ordering a few woot items recently from woot and i'm getting receipts with them that look exactly like amazon slips


In our continued efforts to improve shipping, we use a variety of shipping methods such as drop shipping (direct from vendor) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). When using FBA, we instruct our vendor to deliver the product to one or more fulfillment centers from which the product will then be shipped. Please note that we are not part of the Prime or Super Saver Shipping program.

However, this would not be for Shirt because we print those ourselves at the Woot HQ.