questionsdo you jailbreak your ios device(s)?


I'll add the first answer and say that I used to Jailbreak (iPhone 4), primarily for the hotspot feature. I always had the tethering plan, but really wanted to be able to hotspot, not just tether from USB or bluetooth.

The rest of the tweaks you get were more of the cherry-on-top for me, but actually found that a lot of the cool tweaks were kinda buggy.

So after Apple released the hotspot feature I said goodbye to my rebel ways and restored my phone to a non-jailbroken state.

Overall, I found the whole Jailbreak experience to be more of a hassle than what you get out of it.


I don't jailbreak my phone for a few reasons

1. I'm a computer idiot, so if I want my phone jail-broken (I don't know the proper term), I'd have to take it to somebody smarter, and I don't necessarily trust people handling something that contains a lot of personal information. Plus, there's always the possibility that they might do something to it other than jailbreaking it.

2. My luck sucks donkey balls. I know that the second that I jailbreak my phone, it'll somehow magically pop out of its otterbox and fall on the fall, shattering the screen. Then when I take it to get it repaired, my warranty will be voided so then I have to go back to using one of the old phones I keep in case something happens to my current one.


Two of the three iOS devices in my care (my iPad and my daighter's iPod Touch) are jailbroken. My gf's iPad hasn't needed to be jailbroken yet, so I haven't bothered.

In the case of my iPad, jailbreaking gave me the ability to change a number of settings and install some apps via Cydia to make the iPad work better for me. Without the jailbreak, my iPad would be just a mediocre email client, reasonably good ereader, and great platform for certain games (sudoku, plants vs zombies, cut the rope). With the jailbreak, it is actually a useful device. (Though I'll note that it sucked badly during the last woot-off as the safari timeout would not allow me to get a BOC.)

As for my daughter's iPod Touch, she wanted to jailbreak it so she could check out what a jailbroken device can do. In truth, she doesn't really need a jailbroken iPod but it doesn't hurt to have one.

My gf is using all stock apps (primarily HBO Go) so she has no need (yet) for a jailbreak.


I never saw a reason to jailbreak my itouch. While there are applications I wouldn't mind having that aren't approved - frankly, 99% of my usage is as a music machine or an ebook reader, and it does those very well without modifications - so why take the effort and the risk to make a change?


ABSOLUTELY! I've been a jailbreaker ever since I've owned an iPhone. Jailbroke my wife's iPhone as well.

There are countless reasons why I've done it and love it. The biggest jailbroken apps I couldn't live without are:
-- BiteSMS: allows you respond to text messages without leaving the app you're in, can also compose a text without leaving the app you're in, plus other benefits
-- SBSettings: with the swipe of the status bar, you can get immediate access to the main settings of your phone
-- LockInfo: puts pertinent information on your lockscreen such as upcoming appointments, latest e-mails, missed calls, etc.
-- Winterboard: allows you to have custom themes and change everything about your phone from it, I've created my own icons for the phone, sms, etc. to match a Clemson theme
-- My3G: "tricks" the phone into thinking it is connected to a wi-fi network so you can FaceTime over the 3G network, download apps more than 10MB, and watch HD Youtube videos.


-- There are several more, 5 Icon Dock, 5 Icon Switcher, Foldercloser, Phonecloser, and several other little tweaks that just make the phone so much better

Personally, jailbreaking is very simple, all you need to do is keep up to date with some basic blogs, I check and for my basic jailbreaking questions and information.

If you want some more reasons, Jay Freeman (saurik), the guy who wrote Cydia and is considered the father of jailbreaking wrote a list of reasons why jailbreaking is beneficial, you can find it here:


@soccerkrzy: what software did you use to jailbreak your phone? I'm thinking about doing it to mine, but i don't know what software i can trust


@captainsuperdawg: It depends on what version of iOS you're running. If you go to settings, then general, what you see under the "version" is the iOS you're running. I've jailbroken with pwnage, snowbreeze,, redsnow, greenpoison, and a couple others. You can trust any of the programs listed under here: (scroll down on the how to jailbreak and they'll give you a simple tutorial that's easy to follow).


@soccerkrzy: I have an iPhone 3G running on iOS 4.2.1, the latest version available for my older phone


No. I like my updates and being able to multitask on my 3GS. All 3 of my iDevices are still OE.
The only reason I would do it is to change icons and looks. They work fine as is with the apps I have.
I use Skyfire for internet alot because it has Flash. It's worth the couple of bucks to watch IGN vids on my stuff.


@soccerkrzy: thanks a lot! i'm definitely gonna try it out now


@captainsuperdawg: Just be sure to also download Tiny Umbrella, because if something goes wrong, and your phone goes into a state where it can only be recovered by iTunes, and many times iTunes cannot fix it, Tiny Umbrella can often put it back to a working state.


@dmmutti: funny you should mention that. I tried jailbreaking my phone a few hours ago and afterwards, it wasn't responding at all so I wound up restoring it back to it's settings from when I last backed it up. Apart from the small inconvenience of having to organize all my apps back into their proper groups, the restoration was a complete success


I did when I used t-mobile. Also you can get free apps. I don't recommend it currently though until ios5 is out of beta.