questionswhich grand theft auto game is your favorite?


IV was pretty awesome, my favorite on the main consoles, but I'll go with the only one I've actually completed... Chinatown Wars.

That's gotten me through many a long bus/plane ride. What a fantastic game.


III. Nothing has even come close to how much fun I had with that one.

I think a part of it was how old I was when it came out. It was the game.


Vice City- Best soundtrack, best era.


@woothulhu: Definitely Vice City, but for neither of the reasons you mentioned: HOPPING TAXI-CABS.


I've played every GTA since the original PC versions with the top down view. My favorite is definitely GTA 4, hands down.

Best storyline, best acting, best character creation, and emotion. I've never wanted revenge so badly in any other GTA game, EVER!


San Andreas hands down the best. CJ rocks


All of them.
I have all the GTA's and love them all. If I had to pick one it would be IV. Multiplayer alone is worth the $90 I spent on the collector's edition. My friends and I have spent hundreds of hours roaming and causing chaos throughout Liberty City.
Can't wait for V. Looks amazing.


Best to worst...
San Andreas. I loved all the missions, and diversions.
Vice City. Loved the retro.
III and GrandTheftHorse tie. Red Dead was awesome. I was let down with the story though. Horseshoes and 5-Finger-Filet games were annoying to me. Quick-travel saved RDR for me.
IV. The only reason it is on the list because it was the worst for me. The monotonous driving, needy buddies who call up to hang out. Micro-games that are really annoying. I quit the game after getting to the second island.

I loved the taxi (I think it was) missions in the original. I started them too late, after you piss-off the people in the Little Italy area. One shotgun blast to the front of your car and *BOOM. No chance to dive out.


IV and San Andreas are decent tier, but the games just never carried their charm as well as Vice City.


@wickedd365: it does look amazing. I can wait to return to the mountains. Jumping off those was my favorite part about san andreas.