questionshow much wages have you given to woot over theā€¦


Not a nerd; perhaps the opposite. I don't want to know the total I've spent at woot. Head in the sand? Prefer it that way. I only buy what I can pay for immediately. Not saying that you can't afford the $12K. It seems high to me. But that's my opinion. Please don't take this as criticism. Absolutely not intended to be.

Just looked at your join date: 8/1/2006. You've spend HOW much in less than 7 years???? O-O Woot should send you a bunch of BOC's. Or something. Wow!!

Wandering away to find some sand....


@gmwhit: offense was taken. Resume your sand hunting. :)


$12 grand?? Just out of curiosity, do you buy mostly "big" stuff or just a whole lot of smaller, less expensive items?


$1,252 and I have roughly 1/10th the woots you do. So spending $12k sounds about right. Most of that was spent within my first two years on woot, 2011 and 2012 were boring around here.


I'm not ready to go down that particular rabbit hole.

Let's just say that woot's downhill slide into mediocrity was good for my finances, and leave it at that.


I've spent about $2800 since 2005, most of in the first four years. Cameras, computers, other electronic toys.


Looks like I'm just shy of the $2300 mark in three-and-a-half years (give or take a few months).

It's crazy when you look at it that way. I'm sure if you tallied in all the failed BOC attempts it probably would add another $300 or so. Thank goodness those were so darn hard to get.


@capguncowboy: I didn't tally failed BOC attempts....but I do have 5 successful Random Craps over the years and I have added all the shipping costs. Here is the breakdown with the exception of I tracked them along side www.woot orders.

305 Individual Orders
543 Total Items
$12186.09 Spent

163 www.woot and moofi.woot Individual Orders
322 Total Items
$8506.71 Spent

15 home.woot Individual Orders
23 Total Items
$437.86 Spent

3 kids.woot Individual Orders
6 Total Items
$38.94 Spent

4 pop.woot Individual Orders
4 Total Items
$37 Spent

44 sellout.woot Individual Orders
99 Total Items
$1862.52 Spent

55 shirt.woot Individual Orders
60 Total Items
$664.27 Spent

5 tech.woot Individual Orders
6 Total Items
$238.96 Spent

7 tools.woot Individual Orders
7 Total Items
$148.99 Spent

9 wine.woot Individual Orders
16Total Items
$270.84 Spent


Oh and don't get me started on the money I've spent on Let's just say they've lost a ton of money on my prime membership over the years...let's just say that since 2003 I've had 806 unique orders and I've easily spent more there than I did on my 2006 Limited Edition Dodge Durango...


Oh I love a good pissing contest. Let me add it all up and I'll be right back.I'm going to be rounding everything off to the nearest dollar. Here's a picture I made a couple months ago charting my decline in bulk woot purchases since the move to 4.0


Just a little bit over 16,000. Although that would include stuff I bought for other people (probably accounted for a good 800 dollars) And I also sold about 80% of the stuff I bought on woot...