questionshave you seen what yahoo just did to flickr?


I suppose this is tangentially related to the earlier question about Yahoo acquiring Tumblr.

Flickr used to be independent, too. I loved it. Rocketmail used to be independent, and I really loved it. Yahoo acquired it, and I got to keep my rocketmail email address. Sort of.

I really hate Yahoo.

It's another Woot Off. I think I'll head off to sleep, and see if Wine dot Woot has something exciting in the morning, so that I can buy it, and drown my sorrows.


@shrdlu: It might be a bit time consuming, but you can use "Snipping Tool" built into Windows to grab pictures. It's pretty easy to use. However, it might limit the resolution of the photos.

I hate when good websites go bad. It's all too familiar. I'm sorry to hear of your plight.


picasa can direct link to Flickr if i remember correctly. you might be able to downloand them through that.


I could scrape the pages, one at a time, and I have any number of tools to do so. It doesn't get the comments for me, and it doesn't allow me the links to those people who are often otherwise strangers, but who have commented on photographs over the years. I just want them to put it back. I cannot imagine who thought this would be a good idea, and there was a virtual firestorm of comments on the support pages that were mostly negative. Some of them were making threats.

I have sent an email reminding them that I have PAID for my account almost from the beginning, and that I'd like a method to retrieve all my pictures, including the titles, descriptions, what sets they're in, and comments. That sound you hear is me crying. In some cases, I only have that picture on Flickr.

I don't like Picasa. I really don't like Pinterest. I don't care for Instagram. I've used Imgur a couple of times, and it's pretty clunky. I just want Flickr back.