questionswhat site do you use to learn new information?


I'll let you know the first time Wikipedia doesn't have the answer.

Usually I click the sources on the article for a first jump away from there. If I want to know something very specific, I Google for that very specific thing. If I want to know general things...that really doesn't happen often.


it depends on what i'm trying to learn. for example, if it's about politics, I go to The Onion.


@omnichad: There's some stuff Wiki doesn't go into detail on. For instance, a while back I wanted to learn about guitar amps, how to differentiate between mids, highs, and lows, etc...basically learn the details about tone. I couldn't find anything on Wiki that really went into it.

@inkycatz: Google is usually good, but sometimes the junk gets priority over the good stuff. In the above query, it took me a while to find something actually useful.

It's entirely possible I just suck at searching though.


@thedogma: A good Google query looks weird. You have to cherry-pick your words and don't forget the minus sign modifier to weed out ad keywords. Including "-cart -bag" for example will get rid of a lot of sites with a shopping cart, without cutting out relevant pages for a lot of subjects.


They had a power searching class this summer, too! Also in my former life I was a researcher (and thus predisposed and biased to Google), so you don't really just unlearn years of having to find things very quickly. :)


@inkycatz: Thanks for the link! I did sign up for that power searching class but honestly never got around to it.

@omnichad: Never knew about that trick. That will definitely come in handy haha


@thedogma: Yeah, I signed up for it too* but it fell during my maximum busy time this summer and now that I actually have a spare minute and a half before all the fall holidays it sure would have been nice.

* because I love learning new things


Quora, Reddit (/r/todayilearned, explainlikeimfive, etc.), Wikipedia, Wikihow... they are good things.


Broad question. I have a lot of go-to sites for specific sites. Like if I need to fix something on my bike and don't already know how, I check out Part Tool's site and various forums A lot of good info on there.


I go to my brain. I find the answers I make up are way better than the truth.


Newegg or Amazon for the product reviews. Particularly in the case of features of guitar amps (or just go to Guitar Center or a similar music store) - I find product reviews to be very helpful.


As a certified "Power Searching with Google" completer I believe you have your answer. @inkycatz: You probably knew all of the material anyway. :)


Because I am in an academic library, I have access to many databases from the Gale group which I use often. If I still cant find the answer, I will Google it.


Really depends on the field. There are still some trusted metaspiders used, New Scientist and Google, depending on the search.