questionshow do you feel about crumbs in your butter…


I have allergies so any time someone uses my peanut butter or regular butter, I explain to them to take as much as they need the first time. If they need more, they are to grab a new knife.

Even if I didn't have this allergy, I find it disgusting.


I don't really mind too much but my parents raised me to use a different utensil for the peanut butter and the jelly. Also, once I got what I later decided was mashed potatoes (I'm not 100% for sure that's what it was but it makes me feel better) that I spread on a made me gag. So I am super careful to examine the butter and scoop out crumbs.


I hate finding crumbs or other stuff in the butter, peanut butter, jelly, or other similar items. It's almost as bad as finding mold in them.

I can't figure out if it is the mess or the laziness behind the mess that bothers me the most.

Full Disclosure: I am a neat freak.


How do I feel about it? It crummy! Okay, someone had to say it. ;-) I live alone & make sure that I don't leave crumbs in butter, jelly in peanut butter nor Dorrito chip remnants in bean dip. It's just not right. What if Martha Stewart dropped by & found crumbs & cross-tainted food everywhere - wouldn't that be embarrassing? So kidding :-D


Fine if it's mine at home in my fridge and I know it was my fault. Totally hate it at work. The girls there are massive slobs in the kitchen (and yes I can blame the girls because they're all girls in the office.)


bread crumbs in the butter is often difficult to avoid. Short of wiping off the bread knife before every turn. I don't mind it so much, but it's hardly ever a huge issue as we rarely eat toast..

As for PB&J.. I always put the Jelly on one piece of bread, wipe it clean and then go for the Peanut Butter. Reason being have you ever tried to wipe off Peanut Butter? It sucks. Jelly just slides right off..!

I just dropped some wisdom on you!


Chantal. Keep your chin up you'll find out that sometimes crumbs will lead to clues and clues will lead to answers.



Are you telling me to look up Shortie????? crumbs!! I HATE crumbs in my butter!!!! and jam in my peanut butter too:))


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