questionswhere did my deal go?


That deal isn't valid until tomorrow, please repost at midnight CST:


It's a pre-deal. Woot's sandbox, woot's unwritten rules.


Seriously? What a weird rule. Wouldn't people like to be able to plan ahead?

I make a post three hours before the next day (eastern time) and it's deleted. Seems to certainly discourage contributors from posting.

I can understand deleting something that starts in a week or two, but a deal that starts the very next day for something you have to drive to seems pretty darn shortsighted.

I'd hope the "powers that be" reconsider such a rule.

Beside, is it midnight ADT I can post it as it's valid in San Jaun Puerto Rico, or do I wait until 4 AM ADT so it is midnight Pacfic as I can see three hours is pretty important to the woot rules?

Again, seems to be a rule that is a bit short sighted. I'd think anything starting in the next few hours, if not with in the next 24 hours, should be fine.

Oh, well, it's their site and if they want silly rules, they are free to have them. Just the more capricious rules, the less posting. shrug


Also, it seems to me that it would help build community and good will if when something is deleted, a quick note is sent to the poster (or at least to those that have been around for a while or aren't spamming).

Again, Woot's site and they can have any rules they want. Just think it might be nice.


@patentdude: Day of eastern standard seems to be the threshold. "No pre-deals" is pretty much carved in stone, as there was a great deal of repeated posting of the same deal for days/weeks leading up to the actual deal.


@okham: Ok. But I wonder how much pre-posting of this deal could have really happened as the race end today around 6 PM (EDT) and no one knew he'd finish in the top ten until after the race's wreck filled finish.


I seem to recall this happening before with disappearing bloomin' onion deals. I think it is best for all if Ryan Newman stop winning races (I actually have no idea who he is, but he must be good).


@patentdude: I think it's because we were getting overun with early deals and then they would be reposted and reposted until the actual day. It was hard to keep up with the tattles about duplicates. Then people would complain that the duplicates were old and weren't being seen so they should be allowed to repost. It was kind of a mess.

It seemed best to limit the deals to active deals.

At least that's my take on it.*

* I'm not Deals staff.


happens all the time, I had an email from CARVEL, telling me there was a free Ice Cream giveaway in 3 days, I posted it and it got removed. I waited to the day of the event and I had 3 upvotes. There should be a 24 hour rule to allow posts to sink in, but it's the law of woot! and you have to follow it.


SO.....If I am a total troll-loser, I could stay up another hour and post the deal before you, and steal all your upvotes! Thanks for the idea!

I'm going to bed.


@patentdude: I posted this same deal at 6:20 PM today and it got deleted within 5 minutes. I also posted the Redbox offer that is currently on the Top ranked page yesterday and it was deleted too, for no reason. I second the notion that a short simple email should be sent to inform the poster of what rule was violated so that perhaps future violations can be avoided. I also agree about the proposed 24 hour limit to posting pre-deals. Companies send out their offers early to ensure that people can have time to make plans for these kind of outings. Not everyone checks deals.woot every hour of every day. A little advanced notice is nice some times. It is getting pretty frustrating trying to be helpful and post deals, while the mods go around deleting deals without even letting us know why.