questionswhat do you order (for food) when you don't know…


Pizza is a handy default around here, too. Followed by Taco Cabana. When it's just me, I often find that the only thing that will satisfy a formless food craving is a big, complicated restaurant type salad. A simple bag-o-lettuce with dressing won't do it.

We ate at a Pizza Hut in Shanghai that had a menu that was about 14 pages long and included all kinds of seafood dishes I never expected to see on a pizza menu. It was our last meal in China and we were craving American food. The pizza was okay, much better than the tasteless mess we got at the Pizza Hut in Glasgow.


My go-to is always a rice dish. I am sure that you are probably going to get sick of rice really quick but I love it. It can be added to basically anything. Also, when I am trying out a new place I tend to order the vegetarian dishes as it seems that I am going to be satisfied with the meal as opposed to a piece of meat that can bed over/under cooked or a bad cut.


First I stand in front of the fridge w/ the door open waiting for something to magically appear. This could go on for a long time.
I might even take a break a stare into the cupboards for awhile too, then back to the fridge. I may even look at takeout menus for a long time waiting to see something new. But since nothing does ever magically appear, and I am pizza'd out, I usually end up w/ a yogurt or a bowl of cheerios.
So I guess the answer is


Hi, stranger! Didn't know you were planning on moving back to China. Good to see you here again.

The food I'm always hungry for? ...Breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, country fries, toast, coffee, OJ, oatmeal, grapefruit, dry cereal. Okay, not all of those at once, but do love scrambled eggs and patty sausage anytime of day or night.


Cheese. If it doesn't move, I'll put cheese on it.


@hot72chev: So your saying this is out of the question?


@darkinc: HA! Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying!


Be adventurous. Take a chance. Go to a small local restaurant that isn't too busy. Ask the server if they like XXXXX food (for me it's spicy food). If they say yes, tell them that you want them to order their favorite meal for you.
Personally, I tell them that I like everything except liver, so make my order as if it is for them when they are hungry (or not, as the case may be).
I have never been disappointed, and a few times I was even surprised with something that isn't even on the menu!
I've done this at Mexican and Chinese restaurants, steakhouses, and even a Subway before.