questionsdoes anyone know the current acceptance policy…


wouldn't it make more sense to look up the airforce's page for this info? anything anyone here could give you wouldn't be fully enforceable. you would have to have the airforce's words in writing.

btw congrats on graduating college.


There is likely a local recruiter. They should be able to answer any/all your questions. This is exactly why they are there :-)


@kmeltzer: they hardly ever answer and last time I called they were supposed to call me back and never did. I guess i just have to keep trying.


I retired from AF recruiting in 08.

I suggest you find other AF recruiters in the area and call them. This is a very busy time of year for them with graduations and such and you could be calling an office that is only open part time or potentially not currently staffed.

And congratulations as well!

Also, try a Google search of Air Force Flight Chief with your state. This should bring up the offices of the local supervisors who in turn would get you connected to the recruiter.


@dogbountyhunter1: Try, and try going there. Leave a message that if you don't hear back, you'll join the NAVY instead.

Or, call a different one. They all recruit for the same Air Force :-)


@dogbountyhunter1: That's really surprising. Although, at least with the army, I know that some of the soldiers stations at recruiting centers are just out of boot camp and serving near their homes until they head to either more training or their first assignment. So there may be less enthusiasm there.

I would actually go to one of the recruitment offices (maybe make an appointment if you can get one on the phone or via email) and speak with a recruiter face-to-face. That's probably the best way to get your questions answered.


There's always the Reserves. Congrats on your graduation!


Answer: It depends. I was very, very knowlegable about Navy enlistment, commissioning, and retention standards during part of my career.

These things fall into three categories:
1) Not a problem: stuff like tonsillectomies, hernias.

2) Disqualifying but routinely waived: knee arthroscopies with good results, ankle fracture repairs with no pins retained.

3) Disqualifying: Brain tumor removal, repair of congenital heart defects, neck surgeries.

PM me with your particular problems and I can give you a first cut. It also does depend upon what you want to do in the Air Force and how badly they need people. Right now the AF is cutting pretty hard, so it may be tough going. Still, it doesn't hurt to look into it: they don't charge an application fee or anything.


@wilfbrim: I just had an arthroscopic Labral repair on my shoulder and I also have 2 plates in my hand. My hand is in great shape and my shoulder should be pretty much back to normal. Besides those surgeries I had a light fracture in my ankle when i was younger and I also broke my hand once before I had my surgery. I've also had a couple concussions. Despite the injuries,I'm in good shape and very healthy. Any concerns or suggestions?


@dogbountyhunter1: The ONLY way to find out is talk with a recruiter and get your medical documents ran through the MEPS for review.

Everything else is speculation.