questionswhat did you do with your wedding dress?


I'd be TERRIFIED of trusting something you wanted preserved to a dry cleaner. There are nice cedar boxes and other things that will permit you to save this precious memory. NO on the dry cleaner.

What other options have you looked at?

[Edit] Whoa. Found one of my favorite sites:

"Storing Wedding Gowns and Textile Heirlooms"


We paid $250 about a decade ago to have my wife's dress preserved. It's creepy! The box has a small window in it and the dress is arranged in such a way that the whole thing looks like a small coffin.

My objection to the preservation, beyond the cost, was, "What's the point?" Even if we had a daughter (we ended up with two boys), she would NOT want to wear her mom's dress at her own wedding. The dress wouldn't be old enough to be vintage, but would be old enough to be out of style. So we basically threw away the money, and now have a large box sitting in our closet that gets tripped over and climbed upon by our youngest...


well, you're not gonna like this as an option i never wanted children-so "preserving for future generations" was never thought about. since it was a handmade custom designed dress nobody else would want it if i were to donate it to a resell shop. it has meaning for me, but no since taking up a lot of space so mine is tied up in a plastic walmart bag in the bottom of a box somewhere (storage room i think, maybe).


Thant is really terrible ! The storeowner is a bad guy