questionswhat are some good pranks that you have pulled?


Butter on the kitchen floor is always good. Obviously you run the risk of injury, but it is hysterical.


Best light-hearted prank I ever pulled on my then-sweetie was plastering a couple hundred happy-face stickers all over her stuff. The biggest payoff was putting some on soda cans that were still inside a closed 12-pack (going in through the handle-holes, then turning the can so the stickers weren't visible). Big reaction when she walked in and saw it all, then an echo a week or two later when the cans came to light.

If you have access to their space (room, car, office cubicle, locker, etc), fill it with something like crumpled newspaper or balloons. Be aware that this will take a lot more time and resources than you might think.

Saran wrap over the toilet is effective, but nasty. Do you really want to go there?

Friends of mine had a long-standing war, trying to foist a certain tacky object off on each other. Whenever A would visit B, they'd leave it behind. Then B would wrap it up pretty and send it back to A. Repeat ad infinitum, with variations.


More ideas: recruit people in his daily life he wouldn't think you'd normally have access to. Choose a given day, and get each of them to give him a different colored crayon. Show up that evening with the box.

If you can get access to his computer, change his G**gle language preference to Pirate or Swedish Chef.

Get a duplicate of his favorite shirt, shoes or whatever, two sizes smaller. Make the switch.


The best one I've pulled lately is a group of us tied a 500' roll of line marker tape to under a guys vehicle. We set it up under the bumper so he wouldn't see it right off but if he hit a bump in the road and as soon as it would hit the ground it would start unrolling. I talked a one of my buddies who helped later and he said it worked like a champ. The guy was driving through town with a 500' tail behind him.


We filled the RA's room with the campus newspaper...floor-to-ceiling. He was out for the weekend, so we had plenty of time. He got back late on Sunday, and woke everyone up to clean it out.

Lately, it's been much more mundane. Tape on the bottom of the mouse, tape over the mic on the phone, unplug the keyboard and mouse from the computer, change the keyboard language, fake BSOD screensaver (with boot screen!), etc.


@codex: Or take a screenshot of his desktop. Then hide his icons. They'll swear their computer keeps freezing when none of their icons work. Also works on iPhone and iPads too.


@codex: Forget baloons or paper. I'm thinking packing peanuts.


@lumpthar: I setup a batch file to run every 30 minutes on a guys computer that would open up his cd drive. Needless to say didn't want to play anymore.


BTW @thedogma, electrical tape will probably mess up the paint on a car. It leaves a residue and it gets really gummy when it gets warm.


@lumpthar: oh man will it? I should look into that more before I do that one then. Thanks for the heads up!

And thanks everyone else for the awesome ideas! He's going to regret starting this war haha


Vaseline on the door handles is fun. Removing one of the spark plug wires is fun. Makes a car run awful. If you try to plug it back in while the car is running, you'll get quite a jolt. Not enough to hurt you, but definitely enough to feel for a while.


I wish I had a way to show you the photos! But some of the stuff I've done to my the office...hilarious, and completely I refuse to hurt anyone!

1. Toy soldiers, lots of them...I mean, literally hundreds of them (packs bought at the dollar store). I had them all scattered around the office, all pointing their 'guns' at him. Including a couple tanks and a helicopter!

2. For another that found a little rubber duck...and kept it in the office...I 'duck-napped' it and chronicled it's journeys in a diary I typed up. It found friends, a twin sister, relatives, and a husband..then had babies. I later got as many rubber duckies as possible (probably close to 100) and left them all over the office. I found a bunch through craigslist and freecycle by asking for them...and why I wanted them. There was even a really big one that I floated in a bucket of water.

3. The birthday celebration for one was an entire luau them, all over the office. Banners.con't


toys, even a plastic coconut bra and grass skirt...that he wore later! Funny!

For my moms birthday one year, an entire flamingo theme, including some for the front yard! She laughed saying there were flamingos everywhere she turned. And, she was finding them for days.

If anyone wants, I can post some pics of these, and probably a few more I forgot to mention later today.


@baybei: I think we've got a champion over here

I've got an idea similar to your toy soldier one. It involves his bedroom and about a hundred solo cups of water.


Once did a mirror image room. Couple of dormmates were out during winter break in college, and we took photos of their room and moved everything to the opposite side of the room, even the drawers. Roommate walked in and threw his luggage on where his bed used to be and before his bags hit the mattress noticed and attacked me.

Rubber band around the hand-sprayer on sinks is nice. As soon as you turn the water on, it starts spraying, instead of coming out the faucet.

Also see:


My cousins wife was so drunk I went to bed with her and had pictures, Her Husband was taking the pics. What a shock when she got the pics, She had no idea I was even there


@thedogma: Why thank you! :) My theory is that if they are up to the challenge, and I know they can't get hurt, I'm game! Good luck with yours, I'd actually love to see the pics. In fact, lots of my friends want to see picsof my pranks, so I may upload them somewhere tonight anyway...just so people can see how crazy I truly am! (Crazy in a good way that is).


Remove all the casters from his office chair.
Barricade the office/cube/bedroom with plastic totes.


fill 100 plastic cups with water half way. place them all over the floor so that he/she cant get in. Or sticky note there entire side of there bedroom. haha


@a11ison: I'm planning on doing the water prank tomorrow. He has work. I have the day off -evil laughter-


When your room mate walks into the room, don't talk to them, and only glance at them in a very guilty or suspect way. When they leave the room but are still in earshot, have a conversation about how they are treating you and how worried you are about them. If they ask who you are talking to, quickly point to the way they came in and ask for privacy.

Just before they go to bed, take a teaspoon of water and drip it on thier pillow/sheets, repeat every night for a week, then use either perfume or colone on the handle of thier toothbrush.

Have an easter egg hunt with plastic eggs every sunday. Make sure to hop everywhere you go.

Place 20-30 copper BBs in thier muffler, make sure they go all the way in so they rattle when the car is running.

Put any kind of clear stretch wrap on thier car side windows and write on it using a large permanent marker or grease pen.

Remove all the lightbulbs in thier room.

Buy the annoy-a-tron from think geek, place appropriately. Live crickets work too.


When they are in the shower, dump a large bucket or pan of cold water in with them.

Put dishsoap on all the windows on thier car, let it dry.

Remove thier shoe laces, replace with noodles.

Leave an ice cube in thier shoe.

Place fake spiders under thier sheets/pillow

Talk to thier family and get thier support on an intervention, but make sure they know its only a prank.

Talk to thier employer and see if they would be willing to cooperate and also hold an intervention.

Get a stick bug and have it out regularly. Have a friend watch it for a few days and leave twigs all over the house instead. Make a crime scene.

Turn the volume all the way up on the TV, radio, and computer.

Buy tootsie rolls and a cat liter box. Eat the tootsie rolls while hunching over the litter box, then act offended when they get grossed out.

While they are sleeping, place thier hand in very warm water.

Eat lots of beans, camp outside thier room.


@joe43wv: The screenshot of the desktop is a classic! We pulled that on a guy who was not very computer savvy once, I think that made it even better. Thanks for the idea of doing it on and iPhone - totally getting my husband with that tonight.

In college some friends and I tried to fill a Professer's office with balloons, but we blew them up ourselves so they all sank to the ground. I recommend helium balloons (one of those party tanks) for that task.


Paper clips are the new fad, use them everywhere and on everything. Complain if they go missing.

Water proof thier phone, make half a bowl of jello and let it gel up, put the phone in, then make the other half. Serve with dinner.

Hard boil all the eggs in the house. Blame the heat waves.

Fill thier room with small balloons, some with a little bit of water but mostly air.

Tie thier shoe laces in complicated knots.

Super glue the zipper on thier jacket at the top with a only a single drop.

Paint thier nails while they sleep.

Use an electric razor near thier head when they first fall asleep, repeat all night.

Remove a dime sized hole from all the pieces of bread that they like.

Start science experiments in the fridge. Freak out if they get moved.

Remove the hinges from thier door. A week later, remove the pins instead and place in crayons.

Have allergic reactions to something they are eating.

Put a drop of soap on thier toothbrush. Repeat with hair comb.

Collect newpapers.


Probably not applicable to your situation, but this one still makes me laugh. To do this prank you'll need a shower partner and a brownie. Grab a corner off the brownie on the way to the shower. (don't let your partner see it yet) Once in the shower, nonchalantly drop the chunk of brownie to the shower floor while washing your backside. (works best if brownie got a little wet first) At this point, make sure your shower partner sees it and then react as if you're really embarrassed. Oh! The look on her face! Bwa ha ha! Bonus points if you pick it up and eat it real quick... (I didn't do that part)


Collect lint and put it in thier pockets.

Add a few drops of either vinegar or lemon juice to thier milk, watch it curdle.

Have a slumber party with all the plants in the home in the living area, act confused when they walk in, then run to your room crying.

Move all the furniture everyday.

Put honey on thier door handle every few days.

Develop a serious sickness and stay as close to them as possible.

Tape all the cups down on the counter and fill with odd fluids (soda, eggs, oil, vinegar, anything that smells bad or looks terrilble).

Place clear packing tape over all the key holes on thier car and where you live.

Make delicious food, refuse to share.

Get really excited when they get home, jump up and down and be happy, then cry when they talk.

Wear disturbing ritualistic clothes and start chanting. Offer a sacrifice of thier favorite clothing.

Start counting your steps out loud in thier company.

If they ask you to do something, turn around 3 times and have a sneezing attack


but seriously, don't do that.

in my office, we're big fans of filling anything and everything with confetti (think paper shredder) (and/or packing peanuts). While it's fun to fill an entire desk, it's way more worth it to hide little bits in random little places that aren't obvious. That way it's the gift that keeps on giving many months later. My manager has moved offices since we did it last and we still get cursed on occasion when she finds an envelope, box of pens or some other place filled with confetti.


@zueistpriest: Ohhhh I like the paint their nails while they sleep. There is a company that sells nail polish that changes color in the sun. The company is called Del Sol. They have a clear polish that turns red in the sun. That would be perfect, as they may not realize their nails are painted...until they go outside!!


I used to go to 4 star restaurants and secretly replaced the fine coffee they usually serve with new Folgers Crystals.

However recently I enjoy going to high end Italian places and serve new Pizza Hut Tuscan style pasta. Then I sit back amazed that nobody realized the difference


@ryanwb: I go to fancy steakhouses and replace the steaks with Wal-Mart steaks.


@bigfrank: Isn't that called rape?!!! Or maybe you need to elaborate on your post a bit more if it was just innocent "poses."


@reginafilangee: No it was all in fun, As I mentioned her Husband took the pictures what I left out wasThis was a family trip with about 6 couples and the room was full of our Cousins.Whay I also left out was the fact that about an hour before that she walked into the pool that was in the room with her coat cloths and shoes on. She had no idea what was going on so taking those Pics was a goof.


1) Start a web site based on a simple theme.
2) Develop a loyal fan base
3) Get bought by a Big Internet Company
4) Start messing with the site's theme with lots of related offshoot sites, sort of based on the original theme
5) Sit back and watch the fans' reactions
5a) Be sure to have cake...


I've assisted in using stretch wrap to encase a couple of co-worker's cars.
Placing a thin coating of grease, oil, or honey on any knobs or dials.
Roll up a couple square feet of bubble wrap and place under passenger side tire.
Place a layer of bubble wrap under the sheet on their bed.
Replace their pillow with packing peanuts.
Put a couple drops of liquid ass in their toothpaste.


@bigfrank: Thanks, that's a relief. I know you said her husband took the pics, but hey.....there are some kinky people out there who don't mind their friends "going to bed" (which can have multiple meanings---so I guess you know where MY mind went, LOL) with their wives. Thought that might have been what you meant.


As previously mentioned, the annoy-a-tron is a very good prank for <$10. It can also be reused(unless your roommate finds it and destroys it). :)


Tie bells to his undercarriage in various hard to reach/see places.

Vaseline on the car door handle (be careful with this, you don't want it to never ever come out/off)


Buy small plastic bugs, put them in their cereal box.

My best prank of all time is not I would recommend doing. I had a friend who was into rodeo. We put a pygmy goat in his '74 blazer. He woke up the next morning, got into his truck to go to work, looked in his rear view just as the goat sat up and bbaaaaahhhh'ed at him. Lucky for me, it didn't demolish his seats.