questionsanyone surprised that michael phelps has failed…


Yes I really am. To what do you attribute it?


It seemed pretty clear to me from the interviews I've seen that he didn't want to put the effort in this time.

I get the impression that he's at the games this year more for screen time and sponsorships than medals. Or he thought he was just so awesome he could skate through without much of a challenge.


I thought the second choice was probably a good explanation. I think he really thought he was invincible.


He won a silver today in the 4x100 relay


NBC interviewed him and his coach before the races started and the coach said he had taken time off from training after Beijing unsure of if he wanted to train for London. He did decide to continue training but has gotten involved in charity work with the Boys and Girls Clubs and has a different focus in his life. He's really worked hard at becoming a well rounded person. His coach admitted he was a better swimmer for the Beijing games but has developed into a better person now. He has nothing to prove as an athlete if he never wins another medal.


It is many times the ones who get all the media attention who choke. Happens in women's gymnastics all the time. Expectations are set too high, and the pressure is too great. I have many times wished they would just leave them alone ahead of time, and cover the games as they happen. Give them a chance to do what they can without all the undue pressure.


I wouldn't be too hard on Phelps. Lochte was the one who gassed badly during the relay. Maybe a little too much celebrating his individual medal?


@zuiquan: I'm with you on that. Phelps gave them a great lead in that relay, then Lochte couldn't keep up with that fast Frenchy French Man.


Seriously, all he needs is 3 medals -- that will keep him the reigning champ for a few Olympics to come, I believe.
I really hope that he can get those 3. I am fully aware that we are not looking at the same Michael as 4 years ago though...that doesn't mean that I can't cheer him on and still expect a great show.


i haven't been following phelps too closely - how many medal chances had he missed out on a medal at the time the original poster asked the question? if it was just the one race in which he finished 4th in the final, that seems a little early to have asked the question. most people can't stay at the top forever, but missing out on one chance shouldn't be a cause for surprise anyway.

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