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I'm not clear on whether all their shirts are going to be on American Apparel now, or just some of them. (When I clicked on the link in their email, it took me to a page with only ten shirts and one hoodie.) If it is eventually going to be all of the shirts, how can you tell when/if they have changed a particular design from one shirt to another?

I was not a fan of their old t-shirts because they never seemed to get soft and comfy. They were, however, generously sized, so if I buy in the future I may have to size up for a comfortable fit.


All my AA t-shirts and tank tops are soft, comfy, and fit well.

But I never buy stuff in their stores because everything is grossly overpriced for how simple and low-quality it looks and feels. And there's also all the controversy


I think I may actually look at TG's tshirts now...


@thumperchick: I like their shirts, more so now. The AAs fit my torso so much better.

@gionot: The AA blanks are explicitly stated in the item description. They are pricey though.


@pulsetv: They're on my personal boycott list over that carp.


@pulsetv: so, I read your link, and now I feel dirty for wearing my shirts. :/

@magic cave: thanks for drawing my attention to the above.


@okham: Thanks for pointing out how to tell which shirts are AA. I'm not surprised to see they are more expensive, since ThinkGeek generally charges as much as the market will bear. Me? I wait for sales, and then more times than not convince myself I don't really need anything they have to sell. Sort of like shopping at Woot....


I'd say more trendy than geeky