questionsdid you know that it's now illegal to unlock your…


I've heard this. I honestly think it's extremely silly to outlaw unlocking one's phone, but I also don't really have any intention of unlocking my phone, so I'm not terribly inhibited by this.

Still, though. Rabble rabble!


That's only for a subsidized phone. Pay full price for a factory unlocked phone and you're good to go. Sure, it's more than the $49 people have become used to paying, but that can't last long.


That's like saying it's illegal to modify your car or home while you're still making payments. It's your property and you should be allowed to do with it what you please. There's no way this new rule would ever hold water in court.


@thedogma: Hope you don't plan on traveling internationally then.


They did this to X-Boxes, do no them do this to your phones!
Sign the petition unless you agree to this statement:

You purchased a small computer. You purchased the computer for only authorized applications and programs. We did not mention this to you until after you purchased the computer.

Yay now we have created a whole new set of criminals!


These kinds of "laws" have never stopped anything in the past...


Hi I am @caffeine_dude: I void warranties and break laws, I unlock phones.
@dmaz: I disagree, our government used Homeland security to stop mod chips in Xboxes.
They were not doing the job they were intended and most likely stopped Homeland security from keeping us safe.


@capguncowboy said "That's like saying it's illegal to modify your car or home while you're still making payments."

That is a FANTASTIC idea. What right do you have to make changes to your home? The bank owns it! Why don't you go make changes to their lobby while you're at it‽


@chris12345: In that case if they want a new roof because the old one is leaking, they should fix it themselves.


I thought the Library of Congress declared unlocking your phone was legal like two years ago or something.

Or was that jailbreaking your phone? I can't remember / keep track / tell the difference.


As much as I hate to throw water on the fire:

This is only for 'new' phones. Phones in your hand prior to last Friday are grandfathered. Also, the law is idiotic and won't stand. Also, I have no intention of even pretending to obey it, so come at me, bro.


@rayray8822: It was jailbreaking. I sincerely doubt this law will stand for the same reasons the whole jailbreaking thing was shot down.


@rayray8822: if those idiots would know the difference between unlocking and jailbreaking.
Like many people, I'm wondering when the Librarian became part of the Judicial branch. Time to call my Persons in Congress.


Just to be clear, this is not a new law. Unlocking of cellphones was illegal under the DMCA when it was signed into law years ago. The Librarian of Congress has the ability to exclude things from the DMCA. Prior to October of 2012 unlocking of cellphones for the purpose of interoperability had been specifically excluded. This past October that exemption was reconsidered and for various reasons it was not continued. There was a 90 day grace period stipulated as part of the exclusion expiring, which is why this is coming into effect now.


@rayray8822: Actually it was both. They were listed under separate sections, and the descriptions of the exclusions made it clear that the people writing the exclusions knew the difference.


@laalo: Thanks for the post.. I made a point to post this question/White House petition link last night but just got sidetracked.. glad it's up though


It's a big part of our culture that needs fixing. That right wing belief sustem of economic entitlements.
Are you unlocking phones to save money? Well, that money had to come from somewhere. Therefore you are actually stealing that money. And that's why it's illegal.
It doesn't matter if you thought it was "yours". Your equipment, your conversations, your phonebooks, your contacts- only operate under contract.
Not yours. Never was.


@kylemittskus: I agree 150%. It's the opinions of those who explain it to me.
I'm changing spark plugs, and the guy across the street calls the cops. Why? They both want to know why I don't just take my 25 year old car to the dealer. "It's people like you ..."
The Xbox, the PS series- you think you bought it? You bought a revocable license to use.
Remember the Zune? You could buy music, and if the band pisses someone off it disappears.
The cable companies "turn off" the ability to copy movies so we won't "steal" it. WTF? The movie has been out, it's already on disc, I paid my cable bill and the commercials are still in it. What am I stealing? Their CCI flag frenzy is absurd. I'm recording a series, but two shows out of seven are flagged. I can't record, pause, or rewind- I can only watch once in real time, because that's all the advertisers paid for? What about what I paid for?
They want to make taping a cop in public illegal. WTF?

I guess some people are more people than others.


@gidgaf: Are you drunk? I have no idea what you're talking about.


@justagigilo85: Ironically it is legal to unlocked phones in most countries that are not the US.
"The land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy!"

Yes, I get this is a first world issue, but how many of our freedoms will they take away.


I was under the impression that in other countries, phones are purchased at a third party already unlocked, then you take it to your carrier and get service.

That's how my friend in the Netherlands has always done it. She thought it was weird when I told her that I had to wait 2 years before I could change carriers if I didn't want to be charged out the ass for it.

Either way this is a moot point for me. I decided last year to just pay full price for my phones and get whatever no contract plan that's got the best coverage for the lowest price.