questionswanna see my bbq pit?


Looks sweeeet! Are you into competitive cooking?


@jsimsace: Thanks! Do a few bbq cookoffs throughout the year. We usually do well and place high. Never been a bride though, always seem to be the bridesmaid. Reserve Grand Champion is the best we have ever done. We have won the brisket, ribs, and cooks choice divisions many times. Our chickens always kill us. Know how to cook a chicken? We sure as hell don't. hehe ;-0


I think we need a bigger steak.

Nice design :)


I think you need a sponsored deal for your brisket. I'd be in for 3 for sure.


@okham: Half the fun is pulling it down the road and getting the honks, smiles, thumbs up from people passing by.


@wilfbrim: If you ever make it to my little part of the world, I'll cook you one for free.


@bill7718: with chicken, you gotta use either thighs or whole skin-on quarters. Anything else will come out dry every time. When I do chicken quarters (thigh and drumstick still attached to each other, for anyone who doesn't know) I always season UNDER the skin and on the skin before grilling. Never entered a contest, but the the friends and family like 'em.


Sweet pit!

I'd be pretty terrified seing that roll down the neighborhood if that ever gets loose.


@kamikazeken: I've got a method of cooking skinless chicken breast that will come out moist and delicious.

I tell people all the time, but no one listens: Go low heat for a longer period of time works better on chicken then high heat for a short period of time. I do a really low heat with the lid closed for 8 minutes on each side (top rack) and flip it for about 45-50 minutes. A good marinade with a little cooking oil in it will help seal in the moisture. After they're done, sear them at high heat for about 3 minutes on each side. This will prevent the broth from escaping the meat while it's resting.

I don't claim to be an expert, but I know how to man a grill.


@capguncowboy: Only thing I do different is Tony's Creole seasoning instead of marinade- juicy, crisp and just a hint of heat. Folks need to not be in such a hurry, give the fat time to break down a bit.
@bill7188, outstanding pit! I'll have to get a pic of my brick smoker, but yours is WAY more portable!


Lets get your grill and my coffin together in a pool and SEA what happens!


That is freaking sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!


I agree... how sweet and certainly not something you see every day! If you ever take it 'on the road" & find yourself up here, in the great State of Maine, let me know; I'll have a happy, hungry crowd waiting for you. Thanks for sharing your grill with us!


The ironic thing.... have you ever cooked any fish on it?


Love it. A friend of mine had one shaped like a pig. He loaned it to his son to take to a party and the son lost it on the highway and it didn't survive.


@havocsback: I use Tony's on baked chicken. It's awesome. Also, trying adding a little to your sauce the next time you do BBQ. It's great!


@capguncowboy: (hangs head) Almost hate to admit this, but I'm a native Texan and can't stand BBQ. I like to taste meat.
But I use a little Tony's on lotsa things, weirdest is sweet potato fries. Just that little heat really brings out the sugar!