questionsdid you get amazon coins?


Why can't they just give you $5? It's like Microsoft's points. It makes nonsense to me, although I understand that people are more likely to spend them, as it's not "real money."


yup. Just used them to buy Minecraft PE for my boys. Little somethin' is better than nuthin'.


@okham: I kinda liked JW's $5 coupons a lot more than I'd have enjoyed getting $5 from him.

Same same?


@magic cave: I see/saw that as real money. My confusion stems from points that equal money, but aren't.


Indeed I did. It was a surprise -- a pleasant one at that.


@okham: Okay. I just think of it as "store credit."


Seems like they are rolling out a new way to give money to Amazon. Pretty interesting set of rules and I have only skimmed a few things. I will spend the gift but I am unlikely to buy into the program as I see it now.


Yes, I did. If I give them back will they stop messing around with !?

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Belated yes. If you buy coins in bulk, get effectively get a 2‰ - 10‰ discount on your Amz currency before you go shopping - and Amz controls where you spend the money. Like buying a discounted iTunes card or whatever.

Don't know the answer to this: can I just spend the coins in the Appstore, on on any Amazon media offering, or in any Amazon item?