questionsshould i drop my cell phone carrier?


So, I decided to order the phone via the web. After navigating through their horriffic web interface I managed to get the new line and service ordered. This, I should also note, took three levels of personal verification. Phone should have been delivered today.

Except that the fiancee (not me, her) recieved an email late Monday cancelling the order. "Could not verify address." I called the "enhanced customer support line" that I qualify for: no help, can't explain the cancellation. Can't reinstate the order.

So, I'm waiting for a call back today. If I don't hear from them by 1:30 I'll call them. The ETF is $195. I'm thinking it may be worth it.


I'm sorry you're going through that. It sucks and it sounds like you're getting a huge run around for no good reason. I went through the same thing with AT&T, and refuse to use them in the future because of it...

I don't know your finances as well as you, so you have to make the judgment call as to whether it's worth it or not. I moved to Sprint and while I don't like the slow data, I haven't had any issues since. When my old 4g evo was overheating they let me replace it for $35, even though it was out of warranty and my contract had another 6 months. Even better, that didn't renew my contract, so 6 months later I got a new phone and have been enjoying it ever since. I paid roughly $200 to bail from AT&T.

It still sounds like they're violating the law when it comes to your significant other's phone number traveling with her, but is it worth your time? I honestly don't know. But let us know what you do, and best of luck!


In all of my dealings with AT&T I found their customer service to be less than helpful. In that they did nothing, said there was no solution to any issue I had with them, and/or came out to the house and poked around and said they couldn't find where the problem was so it must be somewhere outside and there was really nothing to do about it. Lame.


Knowing you're already having problems, I trust you're requesting a supervisor as soon as you get a human. If not, you need to.
If so, and you're still being treated like this, contact your local newspaper/TV station for their 'Problem Solver' contact and let it fly.
If you were the cause of the problem, I'd say pay the ETF, but, given the tale you've told, HELL NO.


Pay the ETF, switch to Straight Talk BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) $45 unlimited everything plan. You will save money in the long run and there service runs on either AT&T or T-Mobile, whichever is stronger in your area. You can use any AT&T, T-Mobile or unlocked GSM(takes a SIM card) phone. Personally, I have the Google Nexus 4 which only costs $299(8GB) or $350(16GB) brand new with no contract the the Google Play Store. Sadly they are sold out and probably will be for some time.

There is a lot of good info about using prepaid. Let me find a link.

Also, if you live in an area where T-Mobile has good service and you don't travel often, look at this:


I second what @housry23 says. Pre-paid phone service has come a long way. The minutes aren't as expensive anymore, and the service is excellent (Even out in the middle of nowhere, where I live.) No surprises on your bill, no having to fight with customer service to actually provide some sort of service.


@housry23: I've long contended that pre-paid data is the best way to go, but for the longest time it's only been available for tablets.
T-mobile really shines in the pre-paid space.

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If you are almost always in or around major cities, then prepaid is the way to go. I have an iPhone 4s on Virgin and pay only $30 a month for unlimited data/texts, and 300 minutes of talk. You can always add more minutes if you need them, or get a plan with more minutes. The fact that I pay the same amount for all of my cellular services as someone would pay for just data, still blows my mind.


Long story short: If your other is moving to you from outside your geographical area, it may be true that her number can't be ported (not for any technical reason, they just don't HAVE to do it). So it's up to you to decide what to do about it. Porting to GV is always an option, then she'll always have the same number no matter where she goes.

See here for more details:


Tracphone. I buy minutes annually, I pay about $125-150 a year for all my minutes and a new phone. They do not access my credit card between purchases. I have had 100% great customer service from them. However, I use my phone as a phone. When I want to send text I use email. When I want to surf the web I use a computer. When I want to stream movies I use my tablet. When I want to share a photo I use a camera to take it and a computer to send it. So Tracphone minutes might be expensive for someone who uses their phone as a universal device. I pay about .07 a minute buying them in a big chunk once a year, so calculate from there.


Sounds to me like they don't want your business. Switch to Straight Talk and pay $45/month unlimited everything for a smartphone.


@caffeine_dude: That is definitely a sucky experience. I use Straight Talk for my daughter's phone, and I just buy the time month by month. I don't think that they offer any incentive to have automatic payments other than the convenience, and so I'd rather keep payments 100% in my control.


@pdxchris: If you're actually in an area as described, with plenty of WiFi available, look @ Republic Wireless- $19.99 month, unlimited everything, BUT you must use mostly WiFi.


Update from yesterday:

I spent about 2 hours on the phone with a very understanding and ultimately exasperated CSR from sales. After trying several different things, she couldn't add a line to the account, even after I agreed to change MY OWN NUMBER!!!

I am beyond exasperated. I'll wait a day or so for the anger to fade, then decide on a course of action. Paying the ETF and switching to Straight Talk seems like the way to go.


I don't know why ATT is doing this to you. I have 5 devices on my Sprint account, with 3 area codes. Last area code was ported to Sprint from ATT, and was a new area code for my account. No probs with the port. Sprint CS used to be bad years ago, but now I would rate them v good.

Downside to Sprint: they need to expand out their LTE coverage. Upside: unlimited data to the device. Plans are reasonable compared to ATT and Verizon.


OK, so I have a phone on the way to the fiancee, and a $100 credit. But my old number is completely gone , no way to forward or put a message that it needs to go to the new one. And this took about 5 or 6 hours on the phone over 3 days.

I am so absolutely furious with AT&T I can't even think right now. I am really thinking about undoing everything, applying my $100 credit to the ETF, taking my number (new one) and leaving, What a complete bunch of jerks. At the high level. The lower level CSRs try hard, but they are paddling against a very strong current.


This really seems like an unusual situation and at this point I'd just say cut your losses, pay the ETF with that credit, and run for the closes MVNO that is fully compatible with your phone's radio.