questionshow was shark week for you?


I am thankful I was not bitten by any sharks this past week. So in that sense, it was a great week.

Although @wootbot wore a shark mask and tried to scare me with it. It did not work, silly robot !


@caffeine_dude: I chummed the waters as well, but they just weren't biting.


Dissappointing. Very few shows produced in 2011. Almost all of the episodes were from (and aired) in years past. Of the select few that were "new", a majority of the footage/information used in them were used in other shows.

Too much regurgitation of the same information. What about shark bite states in 2010!? Who cares about what happened in the 90's?


@xdavex: i lucked out with 1 of mine that hit popular. even then it was a stretch, it was a fishbone cord wrap i pitched as "shark bait". later the shark tag was taken off (booo!)

i like that they got andy samberg to kick off shark week, i think he's funny. i wonder if they get different stars each year to kick off the week


@w00tgurl: Ya I noticed that they removed the shark from my SHARK vacuum.
I used the tags seen here but they changed em. I asked why in the deal but did not get a reply.

I used the tags here


After 'Expedition Great White' on Nat Geo, all other Great White series are just blah. Too bad Discovery couldn't air this entire series and just hit 'Continuous Play'. That would have made for an awesome Shark Week IMO.
I also was very dissapointed with the lack of new series this year. I couldn't take another Day of the Shark, Return to Shark Beach, Shark Apocalypse, Shark Bite Weekend, etc. BORING
Although I can always stomach anything with Mike Rowe. He is always entertaining!