questionsdoes anyone here consider camouflage (camo) as a…


I like a lot of items that are made in only camo because that usually means they're warm and will keep me from freezing to death, but it's completely overdone if you ask me. I do love it when people go over the top with it though, like once, I saw a truck that was completely done to blend in with the woods. I almost didn't see it (camo joke) because even the tires were painted, and all I could do was wonder how much that paint job must have cost.


Its about as much of a color as plaid, rainbow, checkers etc... I would not call it a color but it is a style =D



not even a hunter but love to play paintball. but as an ex army ranger i love my BDU's :)


It is a paint color:

Technically it isn't though...Deflzes a combination of colors.


I consider it a pattern. There are many types of camo, just like there are different plaids, stripes, etc.


It's a pattern type used to disguise, not a color. You can have camo be comprised of various colors. For example, arctic camo isn't the same colors as desert camo... but they are both camo.


"Camoflage" is a pattern. Color is something else entirely.


Agree w/those who say 'camo' is a pattern. Think desert camouflage - that would be a totally different color mix than woods, jungle or mountain-type (rocky) camo.


LOL.... I live in a military town, so I bet the popular opinion around here is that it is a color.


Not a color, but definitely a race.


Pattern... I especially like Camo Bikinis...