questionshas anyone mounted a kindle fire or ipad into…


I don't have any helpful suggestions, but a question. How are you going to do wifi? Just download videos while sitting in your driveway/garage? Or are you gonna get a mifi for your car or something.

Also I feel like it should be mentioned that my brain somehow merged the words Mount Kindle Fire and Ipad in a way that made me think you were mounting a knife to your ipad. Awesome project idea for any Apple survival nerds out there.


Thanks! yeah I probably will mifi it and combo some movies on there too.. Where I'm at the 4g is surprisingly good, and with netflix and amazon prime free streaming, etc etc it would be sweet to have in the car.


Find local car audio/video shops and ask for some estimates of what you want to do. They always gouge you for custom work like this, but if you want it done right, professionals are a good idea. It will help if you have some kind of mock-up to better explain what you want done. It sounds like you would want some kind of permanent power source in the form of a dock that is mounted in the headrest and electrical work needs to be done by a pro, no matter what.

Now that you bring up this Q, it seems like it should be very common thing now.

If worse comes to worst, you can always try to build it yourself as a side-project. Or if you feel brave, commission a student at a local art school to design and build it.


Yeah I don't have a problem with electrical, I am just thinking maybe someone has seen this or might have some sort of insite in this.

If push comes to shove I might grab two stock head rest and cut into them :D


@gilfilent: Custom, that's your best bet cause like you said everything out there is plastic and junk! I bought another radio dash for my Infiniti off of Ebay and cut into it to make a mount for my Ipad. I had to do some fiberglass work to the mount and then repaint it to match my interior but it looks great! I was grandfathered into my AT&T unlimited plan with my Ipad so I have no bandwidth issues to worry about!

Buy some headrest and go to town on them!

Good luck!


@intelpimp: I saw a bad ass setup with a mustang where the guy replaced his radio and everything with an ipad. It was really nice very seamless and he had it all angry birds to pandora or whatever he wanted in his itunes.

I might buy extra headrest :) to make it look right but it will definitely be custom work.

Thanks for the input!